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  1. PIDs for Torque/Torque Pro?

    Would have to assume it is measuring at the radiator and at the head. Coolant temp after passing through the radiator would be ECT2 and temp at the head where thermostat resides ECT1.
  2. PIDs for Torque/Torque Pro?

    I have ECT2 up and running. All I did was copy the formula from ECT, but used C versus B. It is working. Nobody tried this at all? Considering IAT was as such. I even verified with my FlashPro connected to the laptop and the figures matched to what the sensors were reporting through...
  3. Metro Atlanta

    I’ll just keep rolling by I suppose😂, because I wanted a coupe and not a 5 door, so no CTR to see here. I’m down the other way on south side in McD. If ever there is a 10th Gen ATL meetup, I’m game. Had a little fun with one on 75 one night a couple weekends ago, drove down to Macon for no...
  4. Metro Atlanta

  5. Show me your aftermarket shift knob

    That looks a little familiar. 😉👍 Currently using the Honda Access Ti knob (known as the Snisen accessory knob in NAmerica). This one I took some heat to alter its look. And these are my other Ti knobs on standby. Like to change it up from time to time. From upper left, another Honda Access...
  6. Anybody running S2000 ti shift knob? -- UPDATE: now I am

    $$$ 😂 My 5R Integra came with the aluminum knob you are talking about, though the numbering was done in red. Replaced it with the Honda Access Ti knob because the heft compared to the aluminum just felt better and well I’m a sucker for Ti and carbon.
  7. Anybody running S2000 ti shift knob? -- UPDATE: now I am

    Really cannot say yes or no. Just looking at the pic, it looks similar in size, but pics can be deceiving.
  8. Anybody running S2000 ti shift knob? -- UPDATE: now I am

    Just as I thought, you would like it. 😉
  9. Anybody running S2000 ti shift knob? -- UPDATE: now I am

    Actually have a Si 😉. The feel is perfectly fine for me. Like stated have been using one of these knobs going back to late 2003 in my 5R Integra. Each car that followed, well the GE8 Fit didn’t use it, hence the J’s knobs, but I eventually 6MT swapped the GE and when I saw the Honda Access Ti...
  10. Anybody running S2000 ti shift knob? -- UPDATE: now I am

    I honestly think you will not need to manage. If you are not using a windshield screen, I definitely would suggest it, not so much to keep the knob cooler, just so you aren’t sitting down into a sauna. 😬
  11. Anybody running S2000 ti shift knob? -- UPDATE: now I am

    I’ve got a couple of the one pictured (had 3, but one I tried coloring through the use of electricity and it was scarred), the Ti one for the S660 as well and 2 J’s racing Ti knobs. I’ve never had any issues with any of them heating up to the point I could not handle them and have been using Ti...
  12. Hondata flashpro tunes

    What you see is what you get. They don’t have a plethora of base maps for different manufacturer’s items for the 10th Si. You pick a base map, street tune it yourself or go to a tuner and tune on a dyno. Or you do like quite a few and purchase an e-tune. MAPerformance sells a tune as does...
  13. Rear Sway Bar Recommendation

    You picked up the RV6P bar too? 😉👍
  14. Rear Sway Bar Recommendation

    I’ve got it set in the middle position on both sides. From RV6P’s site: The stiffness rates for this sway bar have been calculated to be: • Position 1/1 = 700 lbs/in • Position 2/1 = 825 lbs/in • Position 2/2 = 950 lbs/in • Position 2/3 = 1150 lbs/in • Position 3/3 = 1350 lbs/in For reference...
  15. Rear Sway Bar Recommendation

    Just do it yourself and put that install money towards something else. 😉
  16. Presenting the AWE Exhaust Suite for the FC1/FC3 Civic Si. Available now!

    @Josh/AWE, a little while back I emailed y’all and asked about making me a one-off section for my Track setup. Was told just easier to hit up a local shop for what I was wanting to do. Anyways, was up under my car today with the rear section off to install a RV6 stabilizer and it hit me...
  17. Rear Sway Bar Recommendation

    Not difficult really if you pay attention to what you’re doing. Put the brackets upside down, which made it difficult to bolt the bar up, nevermind attempting to position in the other 2 positions. Then realized my mistake when I saw the small RV6 upside down on the bracket. Took it back off...
  18. Rear Sway Bar Recommendation

    Arrived earlier today and threw it on. Cannot report on feeling, because have not taken it out yet anywhere fun.
  19. Rear Sway Bar Recommendation

    Just ordered the CTR front support (twice), bought it on one site, then kept reading the postings and saw @Gandalf posted about ordering with the shipping code, so ordered them from that site and even with expedited shipping, it was about $5 cheaper overall. Just sent an email to the first site...