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  1. FS: OEM Roof Visor w/ hardware - SOLD

    I've been out of the civic game for a few years. I found my old OEM roof visor in my storage after being bored with the Covid-19 stay at home. SOLD
  2. Selling OEM Moonroof Visor- SOLD

    bump to the top for COVID19 clean up garage find, after 3 years of forgetting about it. Would prefer local pick up
  3. DPR recommendation

    Does anyone know any DPR guy that can fix a small ding on my door? I don't want to mess with it myself, because knowing my ability, I will probably make it worse. I am located in SoCal, near around the LA metro. I recently got a quote from someone on Yelp and he quoted $175 for only one dent...
  4. A/C blowing hot air

    Did you ever sort out your AC blowing warm air? My 2017 HB EX-L is starting to do the same thing.
  5. A/C Making Weird Noises

    Did this help at all Nate? My car is driving me crazy and dealerships are stumped/don't want to work on my car anymore. It's so annoying
  6. A/C Making Weird Noises

    So did this help? If it did, can you look into what they replaced for you? I am having the same problem with my car. And the dealership is saying that this is normal.
  7. Selling OEM Moonroof Visor- SOLD

    bump for new price
  8. Selling OEM Moonroof Visor ($60)

    any bite?
  9. Follow along Civic Type R press launch weekend

    I saw the same one driving on the 133 last weekend near Laguna
  10. Selling OEM Moonroof Visor ($60)

  11. Selling OEM Moonroof Visor- SOLD

    Updated the pricing for shipped price
  12. Selling OEM Moonroof Visor ($60)

    Updated the price and decided to ship now because of flakers
  13. Selling OEM Moonroof Visor ($60)

    decided to not sell it anymore, sorry. I only have the moon roof visor for sale
  14. Selling OEM Moonroof Visor ($60)

    Bump with reduced price to $65
  15. Selling OEM Moonroof Visor- SOLD

    Bump and reduced price to $65
  16. Hatchback and sedan moon roof visor

    Does anyone know if the moonroof visor for the hatchback is interchangable with the sedan. I know the part numbers are different for the 2 versions, but if I remember correctly, the front of the 2 cars should be the same, except for the bumper, so in theory the moonroof visor should be the same...
  17. Horn upgrade video

    How did you take the black plastic part out without taking off the bumper? I hate taking off that bumper. I finally got a metal rod made and planning to install this weekend.
  18. Selling OEM Moonroof Visor- SOLD

    Decided to not sell the cargo liner, but the moonroof visor is still up for sale
  19. Anyone get pulled over for front window tint?

    Nope nothing, I was driving normally, in traffic so wasn't speeding or swerving. I was with a carpool buddy so I was talking to her and not touching my phone. All the officer said was he pulled me over for my front tint, saying that you can't have anything in the front at all. It was really...