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  1. Acuity Stage 2 Shift Kit & POCO Knob Review

    Short throw shifter adapter, Poco knob, and centering spring. Great upgrades!
  2. Anybody running this spoiler on their FK7?

    Saw this and interested to see some better pic angles of it. Anyone using it?
  3. Official AEGEAN BLUE Civic Thread

    My 2018 Civic Sport Hatchback
  4. Hatchback w/ aftermarket rims (pics)

    Zero rub brotha. Had my wife and our kids in the back yesterday while driving! Now if you had the eibach sportline lowering springs you may rub because they lower the car even more but on this setup it's perfect function and look wise.
  5. CVCTURBO's 2018 Civic Sport Hatchback Build

    Updated pics, got some new rims!!!
  6. Hatchback w/ aftermarket rims (pics)

    2018 Civic Sport Hatchback MST Suzuka Rims 18x8.5 +35 Gunmetal Stock 235/40r18 Continentals Eibach Pro Kit Lowering Springs Perfect flush, no rub
  7. Fitment Industry: 10 Gen Wheel Guide

    Just got these from Fitment Industries! Click on the link above to check out my car on their web page! MST SUZUKA 18x8.5 +35 Gunmetal Stock continental tires 235/40R18 Eibach Pro...
  8. Hondanickx Civic FC1

  9. Ktuner V2 Unlocked

    Just giving u a hard time, GLWS
  10. Ktuner V2 Unlocked

    No price = free?
  11. How to clean grease off purple alcantara....?

    Well let me start off by saying I was a GM technician for many many years and have worked on cars my whole life. Unfortunately I don't have a tire change machine so I had to take my car this morning to have my new rims mounted and balanced. The damn tech that did the work didn't clean his...
  12. Issue with Ktuner

    That's why I'm confused because I let it idle for 15 mins, then drove normally for 30 mins to have everything relearn and adjust but it was still idling up and down. Reflashed to your maps and everything is perfect.
  13. Issue with Ktuner

    Strange though bc I can switch right back to tsp1 and it's gone. I've went back and forth several times and it only does it on ktuners maps. Note this is the second time I've had Ktuner and the last time I never had this issue. Same updated version.
  14. Issue with Ktuner

    Anyone find a fix for this? I've been on tsp stage 1 and flashed back to Ktuner maps and now my idle is bouncing. Was hoping the TPS needed to relearn itself but no luck. I've never had this problem with the Ktuner maps until now.... I also noticed that SOMETIMES during a shift the Rev hang is...
  15. MST Suzuka wheels came in!

    Just got these units in! MST SUZUKA 18x8.5 +35 Gunmetal Putting them on my 2018 Civic Sport Hatchback this coming weekend!
  16. PRL cold air intake for sale

    Pics, price, non si or si........
  17. 18 x 8.5 MST Suzuka wheels. What tire width is better as fast as looks?

    Ordered the rims and they'll be here Tuesday! I'm going to throw on my oem 235/40 tires until winter time to see how the width looks. Then I'll buy new tires then. I'm so hyped!
  18. Need help choosing next mod on my 2020 civic si

    If your looking to only spend a little bit of money and get big improvements get acuity shifter products.