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  1. Rarity!!

    Hey Now! Us old folk want to have fun, too! Edit: BTW I paid MSRP for mine in February 2019. Depends on where your live...I guess.
  2. Finesse - The Type R -

    I couldn't agree more. Seems today because of all the sophisticated systems a lot of people want a car that they can just mash the throttle and rocket off with no problems. Sometimes it takes a driver who can sense speed, traction, acceleration and apply the proper amount of throttle modulation...
  3. What are your complaints with the type R?

    Oh I place to put your cellphone.:rolleyes1:
  4. What are your complaints with the type R?

    My complaint is I don't drive it enough... Seriously, as a toy I have no complaints well except for the squeaky brake pads which is easily fixed.
  5. Neural DTS

    Not that familiar with edm(electronic dance music?), but if it has a lot of base like classic rock I bet it sounds better with DTS off. That's what I noticed the most besides returning the "front stage" and eliminating the surround effect. After all every concert I've been to(and that is a lot!)...
  6. Neural DTS

    Ok so nothing in the owners manual that I can find so asked Mr Google. I now understand what it does. My question is why does it make FM radio classic rock music sound like dog crap?! Just a couple of days ago I turned it off because the sound sucked so much. Voilà problem solved. Give me...
  7. Honda Sensing on the 2020 CTR

    "!" NHTSA reports "Distracted driving is dangerous, claiming 3,166 lives in 2017 alone." I remember a comedian talking about distracted people using their phones constantly. His punchline "HEY people the world is out here." I'm just old and that must make me...
  8. Honda Sensing on the 2020 CTR

    I must have missed people describing themselves as a "perfect" driver. I cannot/would not make that claim for myself. I make driving errors most every time I drive. I am human and, therefore, perfectly imperfect. My point was the nannies were making people feel safer in their lack of attention...
  9. Honda Sensing on the 2020 CTR

    I fully understand analogies. I was pointing out that your example was minimizing the risks between to two activities. I get that some people don't care to be a better driver or safer. It just makes the road more dangerous for those that do. Funny to me that the engineer's are designing all...
  10. Honda Sensing on the 2020 CTR

    If you stay a crappy launderer you still won't possibly kill someone or cause major damage for making a bad soap/bleach/water temp/spin speed decision.
  11. Honda Sensing on the 2020 CTR

    To me those who don't care or interested to be a better driver shouldn't be driving.
  12. Honda Sensing on the 2020 CTR

    That's what I've been trying to say! Good point on training. Other countries are way more aggressive on training/testing than we are. There was an article in the Porsche club magazine a couple of months back that mentioned this fact. They mentioned Germany driving to East coast USA driving...
  13. Honda Sensing on the 2020 CTR

    Not to belabor this but was just reading the Consumer Reports(who btw support all the nannies) annual auto issue and they shared a statistic that "since 2018 vehicles with automatic emergency braking(AEB) have been involved in 53% fewer rear-end collisions than those without it, according to the...
  14. Honda Sensing on the 2020 CTR

    I'm sure you are right. IMHO too many people today want everything done for them, including paying attention for them while driving so they can play with the phone, read, nap, etc... This is probably why the nannies are effective in preventing accidents. The technology/industry is not there yet...
  15. Convince me to buy or not buy 2019 CTR. Am I making a dumb decision?

    Like I said in my first post there are a zillion different thoughts on this subject and most have valid reasons. YOU are the one who must decide for yourself. Good Luck on your decision making and let us know where you end up.
  16. Convince me to buy or not buy 2019 CTR. Am I making a dumb decision?

    Dang! Tough questions without all the information needed to give an advised opinion. I understand about not throwing all financial info on the net. Why do you want the car? Would it be your only car or just a toy? Reason I ask is if just a toy I don't think one should finance a toy. Given that...
  17. Favorite songs to play when driving your Type R?

    Whatever is playing on the local FM oldies rock station. If they play a crappy song I just turn it down and listen to the exhaust note. Best of both worlds.
  18. Looking at a used example with a few issues

    The youngest kid had a couple of different WRXs which I drove and wanted each one. Talking to him, while not him as he is responsible, he said he would never buy one of these types of cars used. For obvious reasons. When he bought his Type R and I drove it I went straight to the dealer to get on...
  19. I feel bad.

    I can understand that!