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  1. How many miles on your CVT civic?

    2016 bought with 2 miles on it, so far almost 95,000 miles. Ktuned since 63,000, no issues. Changed fluid at 49,000 miles.
  2. Removal of the top speed limiter on a 1.5 CVT possible?

    Kutner or Hondata will remove the limiter CVT or MT.
  3. What Year, Trim, and miles do you currently have on your Civic?

    2016 EX-T coupe bought new July 15th 2016 92,xxx miles. 90% highway. On original brake pads, 2nd tire set.
  4. I'm SERIOUSLY considering to trading in my car for a 2020 Hyundai Veloster N. Should I do it???!

    My comment was for OP, sorry I should've stated that. I checked and there are used R's out there for less than 30K, with relatively low miles. IMO, a way better deal.
  5. I'm SERIOUSLY considering to trading in my car for a 2020 Hyundai Veloster N. Should I do it???!

    The money you would pay for the N, you could get a used R and be way better off.
  6. Oil dillution letter

    Someone on here, i think Quicksilver, already has over 200,000 miles on his hatch. Don't think it has affected his engine.
  7. Coupe with a body kit

    100 rolls of TP and i'm sold!
  8. Need help. Hit 100k only did oil changes.

    Plugs fire the same whether city or hwy. to not change them at 100k miles, is asking for trouble. I’m over 90k miles, and definitely will change them probably between 95-100k mi.
  9. Stimulus package purchase?!

    Wow only 30 k miles? Are they continentals or Firestone’s? My conti’s lasted till 63k mi. And now I’m on Yokohama’s which are ok but the road noise is terrible.
  10. 1 year/12k mile review of my '19 CTR

    Beautiful car! Don't get rid of the wing!
  11. Stimulus package purchase?!

    Exactly! And I had heard that the original bill was bipartisan. Whatever, the dickering back and forth has been going on for years. It's disgusting, it shouldn't be that way. They never work together. Check out Narcos Mexico on Netflix, our leaders are no different than cartel bosses. I'll do...
  12. Stimulus package purchase?!

    True. They are all guilty. But why do they have to disagree now when the stimulus is needed? Shows they don't give a fk about anyone but themselves.
  13. Stimulus package purchase?!

    In the meantime, the demoncrats voted no for passing the stimulus. So no checks. Hopefully they get the virus and go away forever. VOTE IN NOVEMBER!
  14. So my car is at the dealer and now they're closed indefinitely

    Seems the issue is in the head unit. Before you took it in, did you try disconnecting the battery? Not that would have fixed it but it would be worth a try.
  15. Stimulus package purchase?!

    Purchasing? LMAO, it will go to paying overdue bills.
  16. Coronavirus...

    Try living life with your eyes open.
  17. Coronavirus...

    So how about this conspiracy theory. China developed this virus to cripple the US economy because of the new tariffs we imposed.
  18. Coronavirus...

    And your kids are young? Usually they stop using the pool around the time they get their d/l.