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  1. Just had my first service on 2020 Coupe Si

    I've read about the oil filters they use now with synthetic oils are capable of the necessary flow rates for twice as long. There is no evidence to support not changing these types of filters at every interval has impact on oil performance or engine life. They are designed for it. That is not...
  2. Any Chess Players Interested in a Game?

    I love chess, but I don't have time for a "real" game.
  3. Just had my first service on 2020 Coupe Si

    According to the maintenance schedule, the oil filter is scheduled to be changed every other oil change. They do this to keep more of them out of landfills. So, my maintenance due was A 1. MAIN ITEM A Factory Recommended Maintenance Replace engine oil SUB-ITEM 1 Factory Recommended...
  4. Is this bumper real??

    Nice. I guess the 2021 concept image was wrong, but at the end of the day, we didn't get it. :P
  5. Is this bumper real??

    I can see that.
  6. Is this bumper real??

    I feel it would be perfect if they remove the chrome accents. I prefer the 2020 accents over the 17-19 honeycomb and I don't mind the chrome accents above the windows in the 2020, but I don't like chrome on the bumper or on the front at all. I guess they call that "picky".
  7. Be here

    I'm pretty sure I know the feeling you're describing because my Intrepid has a Transgo shift kit and it rocks the transmission mount hard when shifting under full or "spirited" throttle. I haven't read any complaints about mounts being "too soft", but it wouldn't surprise me. The engine has a...
  8. Any blacked out 10th gens here?

    Haha. The day there's a sticker on my car is the day I get arrested for murdering someone who put a sticker on my car. 😄
  9. DIY refrigerant recharge experiences

    Absolutely technically true. I was trying to drive home the point. R134a has a Global Warming Potential rating of 1430 and is absolutely classified as a high global warming potential gas, though technically not "ozone depleting". I wasn't really referring to R-1234yf - but R134a wasn't...
  10. Clutch burned after 300 miles

    No clutch - even one beat on pretty good - should fail in 300 miles. But, I honestly get the feeling so many people are killing their cars, Honda is fed up and just telling everyone TFB - you pay or it. There are many complaints about premature clutch failure Honda has refused to cover under...
  11. DIY refrigerant recharge experiences

    It's illegal to recharge a cooling system without repairing the leak. Are you complaining about that, or are you wanting that over a proper repair? You also have to know that a leak destroys the ozone layer that helps protects us from sunburn and skin cancer, so there's no fucking excuse, I...
  12. Need help installing hella horns

    Why are you screaming for help over something so mundane? If you put a proper topic up, you'll get an answer faster than attracting people trying to help you because they think your car is on fire.. I normally ignore this kind of thing, but mods should just remove this thread for being bait.
  13. Who else couldn't care less about "infotainment"?

    I'm just happy to have MP3/FLAC over USB to the unit instead of fudging around with 3.5mm jacks or losing quality over bluetooth. EOS.
  14. What does the sunlight sensor have?

    Why has no one asked the obvious? Why did you remove the sensor to begin with? 🤨
  15. What a shame, Honda

    While I admire your attention to detail, maybe that particular car was pulled off the assembly line for marketing simply because it was not perfect. When I was in high school, GM gave our auto shop a brand new Lumina because it failed inspection. It's possible this car was repurposed instead...
  16. Best replacement battery for Civic?

    The Genuine Honda battery has massive cold cranking amps for the engine size. I'm convinced you could park your Civic on the East Arctic Plateau overnight and it will still start in the morning..
  17. Car won't turnover! NEED HELP!!!

    I'll expand a bit. Boost it and put a multimeter or a voltmeter on the alternator. If it's putting out less than 13.8 volts, your alternator could need to be replaced. If it's putting out 14 or more volts, and your battery still doesn't charge, your battery needs to be replaced. If your...
  18. Any blacked out 10th gens here?

    Mine is almost murdered out from the factory because it's a black 2020 - they came with black rims. ;)
  19. Removing the dealer installed Karr alarm

    If you lease or finance the car, there's a tracker on it until the day you buy it or pay it. The next service you bring it in after it's paid for, they disable the tracker. Frankly, I'd rather keep the tracker active, in case some steals my car. ;) That's what they use to repossess cars and...