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  1. Driver Information Interface Erratic

    Glad that helped. The good thing is I haven't had that issue since the original post! On a sad, painful (and unrelated) note, my front bumper got smashed in really bad at my wife's work parking garage (she now drives the Civic) this past Tuesday and the person that did it just drove off...
  2. Any DIY guides on replacing the horn?

    Hard to believe it has been over 3 years since I did this horn replacement, but I still have had no problems with the fact that I did not use a relay, used the original fuse and did not splice into the wiring. The new, loud, commanding horns have worked perfectly since day one, no burnt fuses...
  3. New mods

    Has anyone installed this Chrome Window Trim and regretted doing so after time (corrosion, adhesive failure, etc)?
  4. New mods

    @Lufelham or anyone else that has installed the chrome window trim..... Any regrets or issues (rusting, peeling, coming off, etc)? I bought this kit along with the chrome door handle covers some time ago but have not gotten around to installing it. I just want to be sure nobody is...
  5. Door Handle Swap (Touring for EX paint match?)

    Has anyone changed from Chrome handles to body color match and is willing to part with their original chrome handles? I've found and purchased some online but they turned out to be chrome covers. I would prefer the actual Honda chrome handles, so I thought I'd check before installing the covers.
  6. Any DIY guides on replacing the horn?

    Changing to a larger fuse, you may be risking damaging the wiring itself. Beware of doing so unless you can confirm the wiring can handle the higher amperage.
  7. Any DIY guides on replacing the horn?

    Yeah, I suspected that may be your issue as well. Mine fit quite snug and don't move. I also secured all the connection points with electrical heat shrink wrapping.
  8. Any DIY guides on replacing the horn?

    I've had no issues with mine yet after several months of good use..
  9. Exhausted tip Added!

    No, that one I've seen. I was asking about the bumper protector between the bumper and trunk.
  10. Exhausted tip Added!

    Love the rear bumper cover, haven't seen one quite like that for our Civics. Do you mind letting us know where you bought that?
  11. Center console arm rest removal

    I went ahead and ordered the center console pieces (all 3) from Not all that expensive like the door armrests are.
  12. Looking for parts and accessories? Some recommendations for good selection and pricing!

    Parts that say "store pick up only" are usually either too big, too heavy or too oddly shaped to ship/mail in a cost effective manner, hence they can only be picked up by the buyer. If you go to the website and click on the 'contact' tab it should give you their contact info including...
  13. Custom fog light mods

    Definitely won't work for anyone who has "Honda Sensing", that is where one of the main sensors is. The other posted a few posts below the original is also not made to work with Honda Sensing. Both look very interesting though.
  14. Looking for parts and accessories? Some recommendations for good selection and pricing!

    That looks more like PART of this one: Take a look at the part you're trying to replace (if you still have it and/or what's left of it). There is usually a part number stamped somewhere on the part...
  15. Looking for parts and accessories? Some recommendations for good selection and pricing!

    You're probably needing either this one: Or this one: I buy from Honda Parts Network a lot, they are MUCH...
  16. Any DIY guides on replacing the horn?

    NICE!! Love the sound of your 4 tone setup!! It almost sounds like a freight train! I'm SO glad I got rid of the 'Meep Beep".. Well worth the effort!
  17. Cool discovery.......

    Yes sirree... I think there were several in fact. The first one I saw long ago was this post: And then this one: And others have...

    Hey Sammie_hun I'm sorry to hear about your accident and the surprise stains. I see your dilemma. You really should make those responsible (the body shop) correct it or pay to have the cover properly cleaned or replaced BUT being that you discovered it after the fact, they can easily say it...
  19. Any DIY guides on replacing the horn?

    Yeah, that can be tricky. The link in my original post is no longer valid and the CivicX site won’t let me edit the post to update the link, it just gives a “internal server error”. I've already sent an email to the CivicX Webmaster on that. So anyawy, in case you don’t already have the...
  20. Any DIY guides on replacing the horn?

    Wow. That's unfortunate! It sounds like either the horns you used are pulling too much power or you have a short somewhere in your connections. Did you use conventional low-amp horns, or one of those bigger air horns? The ones I used where the Wolo Maxi Sound 320-2T since they are 12v 7-amps...