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  1. What car do you plan on getting next?

    F all this. I LOVE my SI. 40K? 40K? you know what kind of car you can buy for 40k? I love my SI. It is truly a work of art. It moves.. and its BRAND F-ing NEW. AND for 25K!......."Thats the BEAUTY". you could put 2k in the turbo and be pushing 300hp. I've owned some cars... the p of which was...
  2. If you could change one thing about your Si what would it be?

    Love this car. But the backup camera is seriously disappointing. My explorer is way better. And drove my dads new RAM 1500 diesel and the backup camera quality/resolution is freakin amazing.
  3. Disable door chime in accessory mode (keyless)

    Siting in my car in the garage right now thinking the exact same thing. Post must be in the invisible posts forum. Hmm. I must assume that with all the tech in these cars and after 40 YEARS this door chime is a Government requirement.
  4. Getting High Beam Flashed when driving with Low beams

    But yes I do agree with Mr Anti-LED about the fog lights. They only detract from down range visibility. I notice better downrange acuity when I turn the fogs off. Not exactly but similar to dimming the dash.
  5. Getting High Beam Flashed when driving with Low beams

    Hey all. New to the forum. All ready Intro'd my self in the intro forum. Dont take my rants to seriously PLEASE! Anyways YES. People seem to be very jealous of my 2020 LED Headlights "even on low beam" of course thats a whole other story about new headlight designs) (Cant say i blame them) I...
  6. New Here? Introduce Yourself!

    Hey ALL! Picked up my 2020 Si sedan last month. Spankin new. Paid 26,350 OTD nothing down. Put around 2200 miles on it so far. And i have to say... this car is freaking Amazing. And im not new to the $40,000 and below sports car scene. Anyways Hi and thank you for all the good info.