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  1. HFP three-piece red garnish

    No tabs on the JDM three-piece grill garnish, just 3M-double-sided tape.
  2. FK8 competitiveness in STU?

    The 2020 Type R has a better rad, and a more open front grill/rubber, than the 2017-2019's. I know that aftermarket rads (of sufficient size) are allowed in ST, but I wonder about the 2020 grill/rubber. If the Type R line in the STU rule becomes 2017-2020, then would use of all of the relevant...
  3. Please help - Rear Brake Pads - How to Retract the Caliper Piston

    My set has more bits, but it looks like the same numbering. I'm using the "RH' thread handle, "1" against the fixed side of the caliper, and "6" against the piston.
  4. Service Manual for 10th Gen Civic, Si, Type R (FC1, FC2, FC3, FC4, FK4, FK7, FK8)

    Here is a random one for early CivicX: Under each "Manufacturer's Communication," one then has to go to the "Associated document" and download the pdf to get the TSB (or a pdf of the email to dealers, etc.) I see no way to get to just...
  5. Service Manual for 10th Gen Civic, Si, Type R (FC1, FC2, FC3, FC4, FK4, FK7, FK8)

    Here's one of the news articles that covered the court decision; the article also has instructions on how to access the ridiculously-weird nhtsa website better than I could explain. Lots of clicks to get to each TSB's pdf ...
  6. Service Manual for 10th Gen Civic, Si, Type R (FC1, FC2, FC3, FC4, FK4, FK7, FK8)

    Also, FYI all TSB's (techinical service bulletins) and MC's (manufacturer's communications) for the USA were (all) recently made available at Not the easiest site to use for people outside the USA, but worth a browse if you want to know what issues are being experienced by CivicX (A/C...
  7. Civic Owner Instagrams

    For one thing, people who post about their cars seem to be a lot less judgemental on Instagram. @baldheadracing1
  8. Help. Acuity shifter purchasing help

    I would install the ACUiTY Shifter Cable Bushings at the same time to extract the most performance from the shifter.
  9. Testing waters: Sport and Type-R Removable Trailer Hitch

    The original poster is thinking about selling his design/product for hatch sport, Type R, and possibly Si owners.
  10. Canadian CTR in US

    ... because the Canadian government found TPMS was essentially useless, unlike, say, daytime running lights. “Transport Canada has not followed suit as the department was unable to establish a direct link between these devices and improved vehicle safety. Until safety data becomes available...
  11. Testing waters: Sport and Type-R Removable Trailer Hitch

    I'm interested - but the Type R exhaust uses different, and additional, hanger locations from the other models so I wouldn't be surprised if the hitch didn't work with Type R's.
  12. Just bought my Acuity Short Shifter

    Shifter cable bushings:
  13. CTR TC

    That's a TC, not a TCR. The TC has no air conditioning. That makes quite a big difference. The cooling/intercooling layout adopted for the TCR is totally different from the stock car or the TC.
  14. Issues driving in the snow

    There isn't much snow here in Ottawa compared to, say, Quebec City. He said "capital city." In North America, that's Ottawa, Washington, D.C., Mexico City, and a bunch in the Caribbean. Ottawa is usually the capital city that gets the heaviest annual snowfall. It is usually is in the bottom...
  15. The Great Shifter Debate

    There were some holes on the prototype that I had but these were dropped for production. If you look at the stock shifter you will see all kinds of holes - and they are all used among the various CivicX variants. For example, my Canadian Type R's harnesses used holes that the USA cars did not...
  16. Winter tires for the CTR

    Yes, but I am retired so I don't commute. I do have to drive in Ottawa-TO and back regularly though. Good tires + LSD make all the difference. My main complaint is with the LED headlights, so not unique to the Type R. As LED's do not generate much heat, they get covered in ice in freezing rain.
  17. Winter tires for the CTR

    You won't be able to get these from a North American dealer (although maybe next year if the spy shots of the 2020's are right). You should be able to get the 'official' 18x8 Type R winter wheels from a dealer, although these are both ugly and expensive. There are also a growing number of 18"...