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  1. What did you do to your Type R today?

    i just picked them up randomly from ACE. But, they don't seem to work as i still got water on the engine in those TouchFree car washes. Now, i just put in a piece of foil shield (for stove protection) b4 going into a car wash, and that works good to drain the water away from the coil pack...
  2. What did you do to your Type R today?

    good looking, how hard to put on the rear panel ones? what r things to watch out for?
  3. What did you do to your Type R today?

    nice, is that catless dp? r u running with Hondata or KTuner? If u r running stock ecu, does it throw any code?
  4. DIY OIL Change Reference Civic Type R

    thx for sharing,. how long it took for your oil leak to show on your garage floor? i replaced mine with fumoto in winter and i always wondered if i got it torqued enough.
  5. Experience with the EZ Car Lift

    Hey, is there any height difference between the front pinches and the rear pinches? I realized that there is more clearance in my rear than the front. I found more space between my pucks and the rear pinches than the front. Do you notice the same thing? Is that normal??
  6. Speed measurement but Uniden R3 detector silent.

    Speaking of radar detector - my passport x50 still pretty good in catching the K signals from construction sites and speed traps, but for quite a few times I have driven by the cop cars sitting on the shoulder. No laser no radar alert at all, i wonder if my passport has become obsoleted? Can...
  7. Anyone from Minnesota?

    Thanks, where are the river roads in Hasting? Sounds very interesting...
  8. Anyone from Minnesota?

    Hi, Guys. I really want to take a good drive around to kill some time, but I can't find a good scenic drive here in Mpls. I would like a good drive around with lake, river or skyline views, but I just don't know of any around here. Anyone has good suggestion? I am from Savage area, so I...
  9. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Q1: how securely does it clamp in? would it fall off from quick turning? Q2: would it block off a lot from the front view?
  10. DIY OIL Change Reference Civic Type R

    Could it be the oil dilution problem??
  11. What did you do to your Type R today?

    This is the one I wanted to get, but can't find it anywhere. The item has been off ebay for awhile...
  12. What did you do to your Type R today?

    I have the same ones and I place them below my door latches, very subtle beauty!!
  13. Catted vs catless?

    Besides the gain of a bit of power, on this car, a catless might be able to help reducing the heat soak problem a bit due to cat located so far up.
  14. Quick question on 3rd party TPMS system

    urs look exactly the same as mine, but i finally it on driver side corner of my dash, very convenient to see plus it can solar charging too.
  15. Quick question on 3rd party TPMS system

    I just tuck it inside my armrest storage - so it's out of sight as I don't really need to look at the readings all the time.
  16. Quick question on 3rd party TPMS system

    Update: Thanks for all inputs, and I finally got them working without warning today ( not sure if there will be any in the future though ). So, i put them back on one by one, each separated by about 10 mins freeway driving. And not a single warning I received - gr8!! Tha Like a member...
  17. Quick question on 3rd party TPMS system

    I will double check. But as I said before, it wasn't losing any pressure, so I didn't think there was a leak, but I do plan on testing one of them at a time and see.
  18. Quick question on 3rd party TPMS system

    Todday, I installed a direct bolt-on TPMS system from Amazon and then the car kept throwing "Low Tire Pressure" warning eventhough they were all properly filled. Hit the "Tire Pressure Calibrate" a couple times and it didn't help. Wondering if that is becoz I under-tight or over-tight the...
  19. Experience with the EZ Car Lift

    Just got my car out of winter storage yesterday and had all tires rotated plus brake inspection done easily with the lift inside my garage!! This is my third year ownership - wonderful product and money well spent!!
  20. rampage drop in turbo

    Beautiful!! Waiting to see some good results from you...thanks for sharing