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  1. 30,000 mile recommended maintenance

    ... no? Your b2b is over, your 5 year/60,000 powertrain is still in effect. There are no "e" in the word "warranty"
  2. ctr seat protection how-to with 303 fab protector

    Upon application it changed the texture of the seat, as I mentioned in my post. I haven't really noticed or thought about it since then. Overall, I'd say this is probably a product that does more good than harm, but it might also be total overkill for this application. If you're going to use...
  3. 2019 Civic Type R #21384

    Good luck with the sale, but tbh you're asking for someone to buy a heavily customized car and asking for them to pay for those mods. I think they're pretty tasteful, but at the end of the day they're mods and it's not worth as much as stock.
  4. 2020 Type-R Parts

    Someone here in the states organize a group buy, collect money, and distribute rotors. I'm all set but would be a huge boon if someone wants to do the legwork.
  5. Please Help

    On the Fiesta 1.0L turbo 3-cyl I had just before my Civic, I put an AEM intake on. It was a tube with a cone that snaked down really low on the front of the car to try and draw in fresh air from the ground. Instead, in the summer it drew all the hot air off the pavement. The car ran like shit...
  6. Please Help

    What, exactly, is wrong with the stock intake? It's been shown time and time again that the stock intake is actually very good, and that aftermarket intakes principally pull in hot air.
  7. 2020 Type R - Honda sight - disable

    Not really relevant to the topic.
  8. Installed new LED low beams on my 2019 Si

    LEDs have much more intense light than HIDs but put out much less light, if that makes sense. In a water analogy, LEDs are like putting your finger on a garden hose and spraying it, and HIDs are like a stream in the forest. The LEDs have much more pressure (intensity), but ultimately the stream...
  9. Where do you store your pistol?

    This is also something to consider for body holsters. Instead of a side impact making your airbags be the first thing your body comes in contact with, it's going to be bag -> gun -> body, which might leave a nasty injury.
  10. Where do you store your pistol?

    None of this helps with "where do I store it in the car" Glad you guys have holster solutions, and good places to carry, but where do you lock it in the car
  11. 2020 Type R - Honda sight - disable

    In the loaner Civic LX and Accord Sport I had for a time (both with Sensing) auto high beams could be disabled by manually turning high beams on, then manually turning them off. Auto high beams are on when you see the blue high beam icon with an "A" inside of it, and they're off if you don't see...
  12. Who's running 19's? Post them up.

    They're super expensive though. The only real way to get them in America is Tegwai, and they're what, $600/wheel?
  13. Who's running 19's? Post them up.

    You're thinking of autocross and the Street rules. You're allowed to go up or down 1" in diameter, but the width must be exactly the same and you must be within 7mm of offset. 45 is 15 mm off the stock offset of 60, so you'd be in Street Touring. NSX fronts are the rich guy autocross wheels...
  14. FK8 Tuned reliability as a daily

    Ultimately, one car can't do everything. If you want a car that starts up every morning and gets you to work, maybe don't tune your Civic. If you really want to tune your Civic, a $1500 shitbox EM2 sedan is cheaper insurance for downtime than cash for a new engine.
  15. Civic vs Dedicated Sports Car

    What does that have to do with dealers? I'm sure it sucks to work there though, they specifically set up shop in the south so they wouldn't have a UAW presence and they could abuse their labor.
  16. Who's running 19's? Post them up. you are welcome
  17. How to clean grease off purple alcantara....?

    Take it back to the service department and make it their problem. You've been a tech; you know you have to own fuck ups.
  18. Where do you store your pistol?

    And that scenario works, but something that isn't hard mounted or is floating around the car is another thing I have to remember to not forget, and I'm super forgetful that really doesn't answer the topic at all but ok
  19. Kap Industries Fire Extinguisher Bracket

    I've had this since I bought the car and realized there's no other posts on here about it. I had a house fire that was contained only because there was a fire extinguisher in the garage, and ever since I've carried a small one in all my daily drivers for peace of mind. Shitty pic, but it should...
  20. Rear seat cover

    Don't make this complicated. 08P32-TGG-110A You'll have a little poof in the middle where the center headrest is supposed to go, but if you're handy with a needle and thread I bet you can take care of that.