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  1. Suma Performance switchback sidemarkers

    I no longer have the si, but I have a type r now and I ran the wires the same way. Ill take a picture later today.
  2. 2017 Civic Type-R Partout!

    You wouldn't happen to have the damaged oem diffuser would you?
  3. DIY HID Projector Retrofit

    Sounds good! Thanks.
  4. DIY HID Projector Retrofit

    Nice! I was actually about to start a d2s retro after I pick up a spare set of headlights. What'd you cut the new bracket out of?
  5. Sold: 27WON BBK

    You would most likely need spacers. Since that face isn't the bubble face you won't have spoke clearance.
  6. Free Pair of Red Honda “H” Front and Rear Emblems

    ill take them! Ill pm you
  7. WTB: Big Brake Kit

    how much?
  8. Parting Out Civic SI

  9. sidemarkers as turn-signals as well

    I currently have the suma performance sidemarkers that are switchback. I just tapped into the turn signal wire.
  10. FS: Civic Si Sedan Plug N Play Third Brake Flasher Module

    Just received mine! Looks well made and put together. Even has braided lines for the wires!
  11. Enkei NT03+M wheel face question

    Im running bc coilovers, they come with camber plates
  12. Suma Performance switchback sidemarkers

    Was in the marker for some sidemarkers and wanted to show you the switchback sidemarkers I received from suma performance. I have their antiglare mirrors and they great quality, so I thought i'd also give their sidemarkers a chance. I picked the clear lens & white led with orange turn signal. I...
  13. Acuity pedal bracket

    I got mine in socal for sale, in Orange County
  14. Aggressive Wheel Fitment Thread

    I dont have too many pictures since I only ran it for like a week, but if youre on ig I can send you what I have @menda.jpg
  15. Aggressive Wheel Fitment Thread

    -1.5 now im running a 18x9.5+38 265/35 with -2 camber
  16. FS: Third Brake Light Flasher Module

    Curious if this will fit my 18 Si sedan. Been looking for a module for the longest time, but can only find it for the sides.
  17. FT: Hyper Black Advan RG3 18x9.5+45 5x114.3 (Socal)

    all good, ayyy rsx gang! lol