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  1. ILX or Integra Type S

    Why would they keep the name a secret? Are they really going to disrupt the __X naming scheme they got going on? On second thought, maybe this "new compact sedan" will be called the SEX
  2. Underrated Stock Si Numbers?

    Besides the BRZ being newer, I think the k20s were considered fast because they were in a practical FWD car. RWD cars are expected to be more sporty and therefore have more power, unless you're super light like the miata.
  3. Cluster brightness?

    I think you have to be stopped to do this, but if you twist the odometer-changer-stick it adjusts the night time brightness. Don't know if the daytime brightness can be changed.
  4. FS: 2019 Si Wheels $700

    I am selling the stock Si wheels from my <1 year-old 2019 Civic with the Goodyear A/S tires. Currently <10k miles on them, 0 track days ( :( ), pretty good condition and I'm not tuned (yet) so they haven't had to handle anything more than stock power. Since there's one that was lightly rubbed...
  5. Notchback or Fastback?

    How do you prefer coupe or sedan trunks/hatches? Sloping down in one sleek, straight line? Or with an additional angle to spice things up? Seems like after decades of notchback dominance the fastback design is becoming more and more pervasive in car designs, from traditional sedans to even SUVs...
  6. Anyone compared Si to Civic (no LSD) in snow?

    I don't care what tires you have, going 90mph in "heavy rain" sounds like a death wish :fear:
  7. Anyone compared Si to Civic (no LSD) in snow?

    Don't have experience in a regular civic, but this past winter the first time I saw my TC dash light come on was while driving up to Duluth, MN during a snowstorm. The car kept traction like a dream on the unplowed highways and I was able to keep up with the caravan of trucks and SUVs in front...
  8. PLM Downpipe/Frontpipe?

    Gandalf here to save the day once again
  9. Trying to install DIY wing riser on my oem Sedan wing

    Are you going to keep the third brake light? If so you'll have to wire it up through your risers
  10. 27WON Front Strut Tower Bar

    So these will be offered in black, grey, or orange?
  11. Trunk release on the Si?

    Sounds normal, mine only pops open the minimum amount for me to lift up. That was a small disappointment that these trunks don't open automatically when you unlock them, many other economy cars seem to do so.
  12. Hood Replacement?

    I can understand the option C guy saying that, since he's offering to paint over the damage on an already painted hood. But if you are buying a brand new hood and your car's paint is still relatively fresh and new, the colors should match just fine unless Honda has locked up the secret recipe...
  13. Nissan Z

    Was that the 1 car among 10 SUVs/trucks in that video? :nono:
  14. Is this stupid? What do you think of this Turbo badge?

    As long as it's true to your car I say go for it :thumbsup:
  15. Hood Replacement?

    Unless I'm not seeing it correctly, your fenders look untouched so I don't see why a new hood painted platinum white would require blending on the fenders. Also you could get a sweet-ass carbon fiber hood for a lot less than $1,600 ;)
  16. What's your SI looking like today?

    I'm going for Lloyd's once a hole appears in my driver's mat, which shouldn't be too long now. :rolleyes1:
  17. Underrated Stock Si Numbers?

    Oof, "1" for cargo space? That's what I'd think a miata would get
  18. What color is your Civic and if you had to get something else, what would it be?

    The bluest blue of all the blues. I do like the grey Si paint, but I feel like I should help #keepcarscolorful, so I'd probably opt for the red.
  19. The Fast Lane Car 2020 Type R and Si comparison

    Haha, it's especially ironic considering his main complaint after the lap seemed to be how soft the suspension felt :doh:
  20. The Fast Lane Car 2020 Type R and Si comparison

    Yo, was he even in sport mode? I demand a re-do :rant: