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  1. Which floormats did you purchase?

    Pretty sure 5$ should be enough gas for the civic to drive from west to east coast
  2. Funny Comments People Have Made About Your Car

    In the GTA I would say literally half of all sedan cars are 10th Gen civics especially on the highways. The hatch seems like it's slowly taking a big peice of the civic sedan pie
  3. Gas Mileage

    For whatever reason at highway speeds the 'sport' uses more fuel than the 174 hp model..
  4. Gas Mileage

    What speed are the roads you are driving? 30mph/50kph I average 3.9l and 50mph/80kph I get about 4.5l/100km and freeway/highway speeds I am at about 5.0 to 5.8l/100km with the 1.5t on lx hatch
  5. 2018 Honda fit

    A lot of people are saying the civic's interior is quieter than the fit's. However I find the civic's very noisy so the fit must be a convertible then lol
  6. Auto High Beams; traffic sign recognition

    I have auto high beam on my lx hatchback However I do have Honda sensing so maybe it's part of the package?
  7. Auto High Beams; traffic sign recognition

    You have a civic with traffic sign recognition?
  8. 2018 Honda fit

    They seem pretty neck in neck
  9. Which floormats did you purchase?

    Used husky liners through a whole winter when I removed them to clean not a spot of salt was on the carpeted floor..
  10. MPG records

    The 'sport' trims are rated as 180hp on the spec sheet and states 91 octane recommended. The 174 hp trims it states 87 recommended.
  11. MPG records

    174 hp? 87 180+ hp? 91
  12. MPG records

    I would only get those numbers over long distances if it's strictly country roads with no traffic or stop lights... My average over 60 highway 40 city driving would be about 6l/100km in summer months. 6.8 in winter
  13. MPG records

    Canadian hatchback lx. 5.9l/100km driving uphill about 25km and the same trip back mostly country roads 3.7l/100km
  14. Honda Financing 1.9% and .9% Credit Scores

    I got 0.01% over 48 months for a hatch lx with a 778 credit score. however i had to do a $3500 deposit to get that rate but it will be returned as long as i pay for the car lol
  15. Is the Civic a girls car????

    I think we should let the car decide what gender it is
  16. What color is your Civic and if you had to get something else, what would it be?

    Hatchback lx Honda sensing 1) I have it in White. However my first choice would have been sonic grey but the lx hs trim only has 3 options white, polished grey, and black. 2) polished grey for my trim would have been ideal if they had it available for order. I find the hatchback gets a lot of...
  17. Adaptive Cruise Control - worth Honda Sensing?

    I love Honda sensing Lkas. The acc I u see as well but I end up hitting cancel when I see cars slowing down to avoid use the brakes. Does the acc ever 'coast' to drop speed or is it either gas or brake pedal for changing speed?
  18. Did I ruin my paint...

    Not sure if suntec is different than 3m but I was also surprised the shop didn't do the bumper. Just 1/3rd of hood and fenders for me
  19. Did I ruin my paint...

    I have suntek ppf and it didn't cover that part. The part above the grill I am pretty sure is plastic anyways
  20. Rear wiper releases hatchback trunk?

    It fixed itself this morning. We did have a severe thunderstorm yesterday maybe some water got in and helped conduct the current?