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  1. Any regrets getting a touring instead of a lower trim?

    No regrets. It's got everything I was looking for. Leather seats, LED headlights, heated seats, moonroof, better rims, etc.
  2. Honda Care extended warranty

    I went with Saccucci since they were able to sell to people living in California.
  3. Custom Taillighting!

    Looks great. I've seen a lot of these custom taillights in China. There's a huge market for custom Civic accessories there, less so in the states.
  4. 16 Civic AC Not Working

    Bought a VSC for stuff like this. Sucks.
  5. Right Car - Wrong Dealer

    They will do transfers/trades with other dealers at their discretion, but the price will not be as negotiable because of it. Best advice would be to drive down there if you care about price.
  6. Maintenance minder question (brake fluid)

    Got my A17 code last week. I've only driven 10k miles but the car left the factory about 2.8 years ago.
  7. Help please! angry with Honda America! please comment

    Honda might sound like they're being a jerk but they're definitely in the right in this situation IMO. They didn't have to approve you for a goodwill repair when you're out of warranty with no vehicle service contract (I'm assuming). You moved and didn't wait for approval before getting it...
  8. Problems with sun visor tint and assisted cruise control camera?

    They should be tinting around the Honda Sensing module. There should be two tint strip pieces, one on the left and one on the right. There shouldn't be any tint in front of the camera at all. This is a non-issue unless they're disassembling everything in order to tint it as a single strip, which...
  9. Which are the best windshield wipers you recommend?

    I'm an idiot and threw out the OEMs when I replaced them with Bosch wipers. The Bosch wipers are terrible. OEMs cost as much as the PIAAs, so I'm not sure what to go with now.
  10. Android Auto and Galaxy S10

    My previous Samsungs were really picky with the cables and they kept giving me errors after a while (S8+ and Note 8). I switched to OnePlus 6T and not once have I had to change the cable or had one of those errors.
  11. Factory Navigation (Garmin) Updates

    The yearly updates are available on the Garmin desktop app. You'll download the update to a USB drive and then plug it into your car for the update. It's done at home, no dealer involved.
  12. Android Auto Won't Connect Anymore

    I think it has happened to me before. I think a soft reset of the headunit or a hard reset of the headunit did the trick. Also try going into app settings on your phone and deleting data/cache. I've found Samsung phones to be a nuisance when it comes to android auto.
  13. Toyota Supra like wheels for Civic Hatch

    It was basically a $2.1m donation to charity with a free car thrown in...
  14. Fuel Overfill (auto-stop on pump did not activate)

    Sounds like a different issue entirely. If auto-stop does not engage AT ALL then this is a separate issue from the minor spillage issue 2016-2017 Civic had. I'd bring it in.
  15. Side passenger window glass with large scratches, worth replacing?

    I have some scratches on my passenger side. I suspect it was some a-hole tweaker that walked by and decided to take liberties with the window for some reason. The scratches go in different directions so I assume it's not done by some other vehicle. Anyways, not sure who did it or what happened...
  16. Cup Holder upgrade for 2019 - Does this include the entire console?

    The cup holder insert is a drop-in plug & play solution for the 2016 sedan? Just want the cup holder.