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  1. Tsp stage 1 tune help

    You may need to contact TSP support
  2. Tsp stage 1 tune help

    How long do you hold it down? Usually you would hold it down for about 3 seconds. This would be the Cruise on button
  3. Tsp stage 1 tune help

    Make sure you followed these steps when flashing the tune: Turn on accessory mode (hitting the start button twice) Select the TSP Stage 1 tune and click on the flash button Once the tune has successfully flashed, wait about 10 seconds and turn off the ignition NOTE: Do not hit OK on the message...
  4. Underrated Stock Si Numbers?

    I totally agree. It's not fast, but it's also not slow. Just for arguments sake, let's say stock it makes 187 whp (others claim it makes more). That's still pretty impressive for a 1.5L engine that averages 35 mpg and has an under 3000 lbs curb weight. When I first test drove the Si in 2018, I...
  5. Changed MTF to Amsoil Synchromesh, I am Happy!

    That is very brotherly of you!
  6. Changed MTF to Amsoil Synchromesh, I am Happy! Use the product finder and search by your cars make, model and year. You may even find it on Amazon, I was able to buy a case of their synthetic ATF for my Lexus
  7. Underrated Stock Si Numbers?

    As others stated previously, torque will give you the feeling of power especially when delivered up front. The Si delivers it way earlier in the rev range (1800 RPM) where the BRZ probably doesn't start kicking in until after 4000 rpm. In the end it all evens out if they have the same whp and weight
  8. Anyone compared Si to Civic (no LSD) in snow?

    No, traction control has nothing to do with the LSD and does not interfere with it. The LSD is basically a locking diff that will allow the wheel with less traction to spin, this is especially helpful in turns where only one wheel has power with open diffs. Traction control works the same...
  9. Anyone compared Si to Civic (no LSD) in snow?

    Yes, I agree with you in turns and around corners. But straight line taking off from a stop light an LSD helps a little (especially with Torque Steer when the tires are spinning), but traction control tends to even things out by pulling power, statrigic braking etc
  10. Decreased mpg after catless downpipe?

    As mentioned above, it's recommended to get a tune with a DP, especially Catless because you are throwing things off and your fuel trims could be off. Also this car is extremely efficient until you go hard on it, and we tend to go harder on it once we tune it for more power. Engineering...
  11. Anyone compared Si to Civic (no LSD) in snow?

    I know I am weighing in a bit late, but here it goes. What an LSD will do is help you go "straight" in icy conditions, but it's not going to help you any better with slipping or traction. The two things that are going to help you are 1) good tires and 2) traction/stability control. I've driven...
  12. Underrated Stock Si Numbers?

    Math don't lie! :thumbsup:

    Well, it used to be built on a Camry platform (it was essentially a V6 Camry with a minivan body until 2003) and then was moved to a Lexus platform from 2004 on. So you can say it's more an Accord of Minivans that became an Acura of Minivans!

    She's taken quite a beating from my wife over the years, but keeps on ticking (she's crashed it through our garage door, hit the gate post multiple times, drove it over the curb etc)

    It's a 2013 Toyota Sienna so it's 3.5L V6 makes 266 HP @6200 RPM and 245 ft-lbs tq. It's not as heavy as a lot of Minivans so power is really good...for a vehicle its size. On the Grapevines I have cruise control on going 80 and it doesn't even slow down, and it actually handles surprisingly...

    Haha I'd love to! I'm coming down around mid-June, but I don't know what my schedule is going to look like. My brother used to live in the South Bay near Torrance, but now lives way up by Corona so it's a long drive to SB! It was already a 2 hour drive from LA!! Maybe I will make a trip in...

    I grew up in SoCal (LA) and moved out to Northern Cal in 2001. Most of my family lives in SoCal so I travel there frequently. Most of the time I take hwy 5, but once in awhile I will take 101 and hwy 1 if I feel adventurous. My brother and father recently bought a house in EastVale near Corona...

    Is that hwy 1 thru Santa Barbara? It's been awhile since I've been thru there
  19. The Fast Lane Car 2020 Type R and Si comparison

    That's just the nature of a fwd platform as light as both of these cars. Plus you don't want to push too much power in the Si at once or you can throw the rods. A few years back Toyota released a high performance Camry in Australia that was pushing almost 400 HP. It was a disaster because it...
  20. Trying to install DIY wing riser on my oem Sedan wing

    Yes. It was definitely designed to give you optimal performance at higher speeds. I saw a technical paper on it some time back, I can't remember exactly but I think it prevents lift at higher speeds