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  1. Latest Honda Hack Pro v5.0.5 Is Awesome!

    What's the carbridge route?
  2. Road trip protection

    Cameron Hill actually just did it on YouTube a couple weeks ago. Looks really similar to Boost Blue
  3. Can we make a pops and crackles map happen?

    Yeah I've noticed with the muffler delete if you're in first or second moving slowly (around or below 3k) and put the clutch in you get a crap ton of crackling and also in reverse like the video
  4. Why buy aftermarket exhaust systems?

    The AWE Touring with the black tips is on my wishlist for the future I can't wait to get that on
  5. Why buy aftermarket exhaust systems?

    Same here, the muffler delete on this engine sounds really good and before this thread I've seen nothing but praise for it on these forums besides the drone at those two rpm ranges lol Idk what caused the shift in attitude toward it but I love my muffler delete and others love it as well
  6. I want to lower but we have adaptive dampers?

    I'm a suspension noob. Can someone explain why some people by camber arm kits when running lowering springs and others just run the springs and nothing else? Is that only if you're looking to track the car? Does not running a camber kit with lowering springs mess with your tire wear or something?
  7. Which Coilovers out of these two should I buy?

    That does sound awesome. I just checked their site and plugged in FC3 on their EDFC checker and it says it only supports the non-Si 1.5L unfortunately :/
  8. Secret Honda "message"

    Which ones?
  9. Is HondaHack the only way to get YouTube app?

    Do you need Hondata/Ktuner for TunerView to work?
  10. Which Coilovers out of these two should I buy?

    What's that front lip and sideskirt combo? Looks great man
  11. Which Coilovers out of these two should I buy?

    You can adjust damping from the cabin with the Tein coilovers?
  12. I like the site facelift.

    This forum has been such a huge help to me I'd gladly pay a bit to help out whoever is hosting this stuff and keeping it running. I want them to make civicx stickers or something whose proceeds would go straight to them or something like that just as a way for us all to give back besides turning...
  13. squeaking sound when turning left

    @Chris_FC1 I'm actually having this same problem now, similar thread to this one:
  14. Another "Whats that sound?" thread

    Quick question about this again, I know it's been a while. Was this covered under warranty? Even if it is I'm not sure I want to take it into the shop given the current climate but just wondering. I'm gonna try what others have said here first though for sure
  15. What is your preferred downshift method?

    I couldn't for the life of me imagine downshifting without rev matching in day to day driving
  16. Yesterday I got a Street Tune and the results are Insane 🔥

    Oh shoot just realized I'm subscribed to your channel lol Awesome car bro, quick question what app are you using on your phone to log all that stuff/what's it connected to?
  17. Does EX and Sport has the same stock suspension?

    This was a good thread that went over some of the differences:
  18. Muffler delete or resonator delete?

    Thanks and I do, I'll see if I can dig them up and share here
  19. 2018 Civic Si Wont Start

    Wow this is good to know! Hopefully I'll never have to use this info but if I do I'm glad I know it. Thanks man