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  1. Fuel Injector Cleaning

    White paper: Valve placement/rotation:
  2. Clutch burned after 300 miles

    This clutch has a tendency to exploit every single bad habit lol. Any pressure, however light, can lead to glazing very quickly. It's virtually impossible to burn through a clutch in 300 miles. Glazing however can feel like a worn clutch. Regardless, be sure to request the parts back to rule...
  3. Motor Trend's render of the 11th gen Civic sedan

    Hatch/Si and Sedan/Coupe are on separate production schedules. Though the chance of the base sedan debuting this year is less likely due to external economic pressures.
  4. Motor Trend's render of the 11th gen Civic sedan

    You are right. Earlier generations were on four year cycles.
  5. Motor Trend's render of the 11th gen Civic sedan

    To be fair, the only reason the 8th Gen went 5.5 years was so Honda could decontent the 9th Gen. It was sold as a 2012 model for 1.5 years (and one of the few big dark spots on Honda's record). Nearly every generation of the Civic has been on a 5 year cycle. And I think until recently, Honda...
  6. Motor Trend's render of the 11th gen Civic sedan

    I think given the circumstances they may push the sedan to MY 2022. BUT... assuming they keep their traditional 5 year plan, the 11th Gen's testing is likely near completion. If sales pick back up by late summer, we could see it launch in late Fall. Right now, it's not looking great. April's...
  7. Kind of fucked myself here...need help asap.

    As far as I know, map switching is an exclusive feature of KTuner. Hondata uses a version of TSP's Map 3, IIRC. 19/24.5 PSI.
  8. Oil Dilution TSB

    It's a small sample size but one that tells a fairly consistent story so far. Wear metals remain low after initial break-in Viscosity is within acceptable levels, despite some samples showing the presence of dilution I'm cautiously optimistic until we start seeing readouts that suggest otherwise.
  9. Alright guys, whose Si is this?

    What's interesting is the tech's comments about the ECU back door. Not sure what he means here, and whether that would confirm our suspicions that certain events do not get deleted with an ECU wipe.

    I agree. This is the first AC failure I've had happen under 100K. My wife's is still going strong after 200K. My previous 2009 Mazda went 104K before the coil failed. And my '00 Civic's entire system was problem-free for 208K before I sold it. As an aside, I think Honda suffers a little more...

    Update: a leak in the evaporator core. A PITT to replace being under the dash and firewall. Total cost to replace is around $2K. At 54K miles, Honda covered 90% of the cost. And they proactively replaced the condenser under the extended warranty (a relatively cheap part) since the system was...
  12. If anyone from Honda reads this board...

    Unlikely the Si would get a DCT anytime soon, primarily due to cost. The current ILX is being positioned as a holdover until the next gen comes to market in less than a year. I would not expect a DCT option to cost less than $28-30K on the newer package.
  13. 2017 Si Coupe Driver Side Door Power Lock Issue

    Are you outside warranty? My rear driver door does the same occasionally. Though it could be anything from the actuator to the peripheral hardware between the handle and locking mechanism.
  14. AC Blows Warm on Driver's Side? Here's (Likely) Why...

    The TSB covers the K20C2.

    @dallasjhawk - thanks for this thread. Taking mine in this week for what I suspect is low refrigerant charge. Hoping it's covered.
  16. AC Blows Warm on Driver's Side? Here's (Likely) Why...

    Update: didn't see this posted against symptoms, so sharing here. Condenser on 2016-2018s prone to failure, causing the above issue. Warranty extended to 10 years. Full thread here:
  17. Thought going from 0W-20 to 5w-30?

    CAFE/emissions standards are part of it. Honda also accounts for lubrication standards and ambient operating conditions. All directly impact oil recommendations both here and abroad.
  18. Fuel Injector Cleaning

    Honda send to have found a way, by misting the valves on the piston upstroke. We have a couple threads on how they do it. It's no magic pill. But combined with a good PCV and regular filter maintenance, it seems to significantly reduce deposit accumulation over time.
  19. Thought going from 0W-20 to 5w-30?

    The limited UOAs we have on 5w30 suggest it's fine to use in the summer months. I'd personally be wary of using in sub-freezing temps. Many find that viscosity at operating temps isn't as different as one would expect for normal operation. Part of that may be due to the additives used in the...
  20. Joined the KTuner world

    I think monitoring STFT/LTFT and KR are your best bet when tweaking boost tables. Sounds like things are running as intended. But you can always pull a datalog and ask for more experienced members to weigh in. Standard throttle padding is the most aggressive transition. Meaning, it dampens the...