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  1. Underrated Stock Si Numbers?

    I did post 1.5 turbocharged engine although I have a EX turbo with a CVT 174 HP I’m pretty satisfied with the performance of the car as a daily driver
  2. Underrated Stock Si Numbers?

    Given that it’s a one point five liter turbocharged intercooler engine with 205 horsepower it performs as the same or better than a V8 powered performance car of the 80s aka mustang Camaro so for a small cubic inch motor to put out a decent a mount of power you have to give it some kudos just...
  3. How to maintain cloth interior?

    I bought this chemical guys non sense invisible interior cleaner it made for fabrics it work well
  4. What color is your Civic and if you had to get something else, what would it be?

    My problem with a white car is that I live in Florida where there’s five white cars to one color car. There’s a lot of white cars and trucks in Florida. The other day on my commute to work sitting at a traffic light on a three lane highway all surrounding cars were white and four of them where...
  5. What color is your Civic and if you had to get something else, what would it be?

    When I bought my civic in 2018 I turned 50 years old I was looking at the red with leather But it was beige I didn’t like ther was a sonic green one on the lot but it was a 2.0 liter wanted a turbo so settled for modern steel thinking like a old guy but now I’m seeing a lot of lime green...
  6. What color is your Civic and if you had to get something else, what would it be?

    You guys up north is just now getting pollen we started getting it on the end of February to April now it just a lot of heat
  7. A VW Jetta

    The owner was wearing a homemade haz-mat suite ( covid 19 ) that looked just as weird as the car o_O
  8. Civic vs Dedicated Sports Car

    ha! the mechanics at the dealership have to fix a a lot of mistakes from the plant and a lot of disgruntled employees yes I work in a right to work state and I pefer working above the mason Dickson line
  9. Civic vs Dedicated Sports Car

    I know a few people who worked and work at the South Carolina BMW plant ( and I’m quoting what they say ) that the employees are under paid and the company treats them like crap and most of their employment is temporary. End quote
  10. A VW Jetta

    Cool link. judging by the lawn ornaments and vehicle this must be a whimsical type person
  11. What is your favorite muscle car

    They should have imported the two door in the U.S like Chevy did with the vaxhaull chevette
  12. What is your favorite muscle car

    The one part about the article was when my brother open the hood to find out the dealership spray the undercoating in the engine bay which pissed him off I remembered the sales lady thought he was going to walk away from the sale. After years of trying to clean the under coating off he says now...
  13. CVT fluid change ,but no reminder

    I’ve had the fluid changed on my CVT at 20,000 miles planning to do it at every 20,000
  14. A VW Jetta

    This is a new exterior mod trend :hmm: ( being sarcastic)
  15. What is your favorite muscle car

    Funny seeing road lamp covers on cars these days just like my older brothers 1986 mustang GT featured in hemmings classic magazine all original with 8700 miles never saw rain or snow everything is original ( accept fluids) from tires to wiper blades all from 1986 it was his first brand new car...
  16. A VW Jetta

    This picture pretty much somed it up
  17. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    How old was the old one on my previous cars with cabin filter in NY i changed them once a year now living in Florida I change it every six months do to a lot of bugs :nono:
  18. Rarity!!

    Other than a black CTR I’ve seen at a local car show there a red CTR parked at a hospital parking lot I pass when going to work which I assume was the red CTR in the showroom when I bought my car in 2018 otherwise the CTR is a pretty rare sight too see in the area I live
  19. Anyone have experience with the Honda Ridgline?

    down in Florida where it’s also “ truck country “ I see more Chevy, ford and especially dodge pickups either stuck or broken down on the side of the road plus the bigger pickups hydroplane a lot more in the Florida rains
  20. Anyone have experience with the Honda Ridgline?

    My brother has a 2019 AWD he says it great for the Connecticut winter’s and he gets pretty good gas mileage