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  1. A VW Jetta

    In case you were curious, nobody gets paid to look at each new thread posted and move them around as needed. However, when someone uses the "report" button the post is then reviewed by a volunteer that will take action as needed.
  2. Buyer Beware

    If you ever get a message saying to contact "this person" at "this email address" to purchase a product, it is most definitely a scam. The admin is working to curb the issue here but it is a game of cat and mouse. Fix one whole and they find another. This is the case here and on most any other...
  3. TSP stage 1 vs Custom tune

    I have read many stories of the poor average fuel quality in Pakistan causing trouble when tuning a 10th gen Civic there. Keeping them rich is the only way to keep them from knocking. If you have access to flex fuel, that is absolutely the route I would go and of course custom tune at that point.
  4. PLM Downpipe/Frontpipe?

    Great choice. RV6 is miles ahead of PLM and well worth the cost.
  5. Does the TSP Stage 1 tune improve throttle response?

    Bingo. For the most part you can't pick and choose what is locked. The disables menu is never locked, so you have control of the rev hang disable.
  6. 1.5T PRL FrontPipe Gasket or Invidia Gasket?

    Don't use both. I would look and see which one looks like the best match for both exhaust pieces. If they are about the same, just pick one and it should be fine.
  7. PRL coupon?

    PRL does not have any coupons. They run sales a couple of times a year but I don't think we will see one anytime soon. Their pricing is standardized across all their dealers.
  8. I’m a huge fan of prl

    PRL has lots of great products for your FK7, including a CVT Cooler.
  9. Recovery mode alot more often

    If the car is still driving you are not actually in recovery mode. I would contact KTuner for further advice if you have not already.
  10. Si Which downpipe and front pipe?

    Two great options are the FP/DP combos from @PRL Motorsports and @RV6 Performance.
  11. PRL Intake

    It would occur if you drive through deep standing water. Not really something someone should be doing in a Civic regardless of the intake. Rain, puddles, etc are not a concern.
  12. PRL Intake

    Nope. It is easily the most popular aftermarket intake for the 10th gen Civic. Most would tell you it offers the highest performance. When installed properly (not something difficult to achieve) it works great.
  13. Safest Redline with stock cams?

    No reason to up the limit unless you have upgraded the turbo. With an upgraded turbo 7000-7200 seems fairly common. I think MAP ran theirs up over 8000 without blowing it up somehow. ;)
  14. Help, how do I remove this.......

    FYI if you tried to attach a photo it does not look like it came through.
  15. Finally, proper lowering springs specific to Si Coupe & Sedan - by Eibach

    Only took Eibach 3 years. :p At least we know they took their time to get them right and didn't just throw something out there.
  16. Camber Bolts

    Camber bolts will not work with the suspension setup on a tenth gen. Look into either pulling the pin at the top of the strut (small adjustment after that) or camber plates.

    A camber kit is recommended for the Pro Kit and all but required for the Sportlines. I don't think you would ever find the Sportlines to be too low. Some people don't think the Pro Kit enough of a visible drop but that is personal preference. It is also worth mentioning that the Pro Kit is out...
  18. Eibach Sportline for Si

    New product. Will be listed soon I imagine.
  19. Cooling fan.

    Not abnormal. No worries. Turn on your AC if you want it to go down. :)
  20. Cooling fan.

    This is normal behavior for that ECU and has nothing to do with the intercooler. :thumbsup: