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  1. Gram lights 57cr 18x9.5 38 gun blue

    <3 id love to have these wheels but im broke. Bump for beautiful wheels
  2. Retrofit Heated Mirrors

    That wire with an attached yellow clip?
  3. Retrofit Heated Mirrors

    no oone knows where the rear defront wire to tap
  4. Retrofit Heated Mirrors #Aliexpress US $79.00 | Blue Wing Mirror Glass With Base-Heated Car Angle Wide Glare Proof Mirror LED Turn Signal Lamp For Honda Civic 2016-2017
  5. FS|TX: PTP turbo blanket

    downpipe and frontpipe $300? how much shipped?
  6. AC not blowing cold air already?

    So my lines have no pressure. I filled my ac lines with just one can of R1234yf with dye and I heard my clutch kicked in. Its blowing cold air now. This was 2 weeks ago. There is definitely a leak. As of today, my car is still blowing cold air. Im gonna check if I have any leaks right now.
  7. AC Condenser TSB-19-091: The Case for Including Hatches

    Ill share my story too. Last month I noticed my AC isnt working. My brother who is a certified mechanic checked my AC lines and found it has no pressure. I took my car to the dealer and told me my car has no recall when they ran the VIN. $360 to diagnose and fill my AC. They said it will be no...
  8. Retrofit Heated Mirrors

    I finished installing my side mirrors with heated and sequential turn signal. For signals, I had no choice but to route directly to the side headlight signal wire. For the heat function, I bought a timer module from amazon and used that. It all works flawlessly. Timer module is set at 10 mins...
  9. Sequential Side Mirror and Caps +plus more

    Suma performance carries a set but its overly priced. I got mine from aliexpress for wayyyyyy cheap
  10. AC not blowing cold air already?

    Update: dealer lied to me about $80 diagnostic. Its actually $360. They said if my condenser is leaking, they will cover it 100%. I bought myself a dye freon and am going to diagnost it myself.
  11. 2017 Civic Type-R Partout!

    Got the handle pieces on the trunk door?
  12. For Sale: Sport/Si Front Bumper Garnish, OEM sport center console with leather wrapping

    Im located in Chicago Area. Pictures are pick up price. If you want shipped, just add a reasonable price on top to pay for shipping. Paypal Only through Goods&Services Intake Sold
  13. Please read! Verified A/C issue with 1.5L

    I was at the dealership today and took to a service rep. They priced me $80 for a diagnostic check. I have yet to set up an appointment.
  14. Please read! Verified A/C issue with 1.5L

    Did you have to pay for diagnostics? Or covered warranty?