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  1. What's everyone's miles looking like?

    2018 si coupe. 19,000. No issues except curb rash on my rims. Added K&N drop in filter, tinted my foglights yellow and upgraded my headlight bulbs.
  2. How many miles do you guys have on your si?

    4500miles 4 1/2 months.
  3. Krylon spray tint for fog lights.

    Yah, I was initially going down lamin-x route. Saw the videos on how to apply and looks alot easier than masking your
  4. Krylon spray tint for fog lights.

    I have seen this done on youtube and looks pretty nice and easy. Was wondering if anyone else has tried this method.
  5. Got new 2018 SI it!!
  6. Got new 2018 SI

    Yah, I like to know that as I had my SI for 1 month so far and I'm doing 28.7 with some highway miles.
  7. Got new 2018 SI

    Congrats on your new si! I live in Vegas and I cover my shift knob but its still gets
  8. Las Vegas

    Same here. I got all my Hondas there and recently my '18 SI.
  9. New 2018 si coupe

    Yeah, I had the same color on the my CRV. I like the color.
  10. New 2018 si coupe

    Hello fellows civic peeps!! This is my first post. Its beens 14yrs since I owned an Si. Here's a pic of my first SI back in 2000 and got it in 94 and my current SI!!