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  1. Why no true ram air intakes?

    The concept of ram air was discovered in WWII on aircraft. Spitfires and Mustangs gained maybe 50-100 hp at top speed due to ram air. Here's a link that relates to cars, though: Obviously most of us will...
  2. This isn't a TD03

    The biggest issue is the integrated manifold. No standard turbo will mate up to the head without a custom turbine housing or some kind of adapter.
  3. TEIN springs for the Si???

    Also curious, I've seen some good reviews of the Eibach Pro Kit springs but always wanted a car with TEIN.
  4. 1.5T Guide to DIY Flex Fuel Kit for Hondata or KTuner

    Is there any benefit to adding ethanol sensing to a car that will never see E85? Does premium in the US vary enough in ethanol content to matter?
  5. Cleaning black armrest

    On previous cars I had pretty good results getting smudges out of cloth headliners similar to the arm rest fabric with just a dry mircofiber cloth...
  6. Break-in period...

    VW recommends varying rpm, too, they say it's something to do with the valve seats. The "drive it like you stole it" approach has some merit from the standpoint of honing your ring/cylinder interface for better sealing and less blow-by.
  7. Why no true ram air intakes?

    That's not a Golf R, it's an ordinary GTI that was around 25k new (The R logo is RacingLine's thing). Even the base TSI has this intake setup.
  8. Any aftermarket bypass valves?

    I wonder if TurboSmart or anyone else will make replacement valves down the road, the high-boost guys will probably need them to prevent leaks.
  9. Can we make a pops and crackles map happen?

    I don't buy the argument that catless is the only way to get pops and crackles. Current Mustang GTs will get all kinds of race car crackles with just a cat back. More to the point, here's an Si with mufflers deleted, crackles a bit at 3:40 on a stock tune.
  10. Full Replacement Rear Diffuser for Si sedan

    It is, though it looks like the only change needed on that kit to fit a coupe is a shorter diffuser and maybe slightly different mounts for the wing. And since 27Won's Si exhaust concept is a different shape on the bottom than stock the diffuser would need to be a different shape to fit that anyhow.
  11. Hondata

    CARB is the limited version that retains emissions compliance. Get the regular if you want to fiddle with all the settings.
  12. 400hp gain from PRL Turbo Upgrade

    Well Hondata did intentionally destroy a CVT to find out what the limits are and which specific parts are the weak points.
  13. Why no true ram air intakes?

    I used to own a Mk 6 GTI and from the factory it had the filter box sealed to a port above the radiator allowing it to get true ram air from the front of the car. It looks like the Type R has a similar system that channels air over the radiator into the filter box while the Si has kind of a...
  14. Dilemma: CAI or SRI for Seattle???

    How low is the 27Won intake in the fender well? Just eyeballing it, it seems to pull from higher up than, say, the PRL.
  15. Full Replacement Rear Diffuser for Si sedan

    That looks awesome Vincent! And functional, too. Most cars won't see much benefit from a true diffuser in the back since the rest of the under body is a mess but in our case Honda put a lot of effort into making a flat, low drag under body perfectly suited to it. Will that unit cover the...