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  1. WTB HFP COUPE SIDE SKIRTS (Bought one already)

    I found mine on eBay and haggled with the seller. I got them for much cheaper than MSRP. They shipped from a Honda Dealership right to my door. Hopefully that helps you some :)
  2. WTB: JL C2-350x Center Speaker

    I too will have the entire set here shortly. I have the speaker already but waiting on the cup, foam, plastic washer & harness to be delivered. PM me
  3. 27Won Front Mount Intercooler Review with Datalogs

    Awesome review. I too have the 27Won FMIC. Only issue I had was the shop didn’t tighten down one of the clamps enough and the hose popped off. Scared the crap outta me when I hit full boost running WOT and it sounded horrible plus felt like I hit a brick wall. I was able to fix it and no...
  4. SOLD: Cusco Rear Sway Bar | 2017+ Honda Civic Type-R FK8

    Would this work on the 2019 Si Coupe? Never mind, I see it says sold now.
  5. FS: fkx racing high flow grille (brand new, ceramic coated)

    Hrm, is it possible to switch the emblem out? I ask because I want one of these but I want the red emblem. I'd love to buy yours from you though if it is possible.
  6. OEM 2019 Shift Knob

    Doesn't this sit lower than stock on a Si? And would it fit an Si?
  7. ISO: FMIC

    I have a GReddy Type 28-E brand new in box that I'm willing to sell. I decided to go with 27Won so have this sitting here needing gone. I never even opened it. Message me and we can see if we can work out a deal on it.
  8. Ktuner v1.2 with Tsp stage 1 17-18 models

    No, TSP does 17-18 then the 19s by themselves I think then the 20s. It won’t work on a 19. I have a 2019 Si coupe and had to contact Corey at TSP to update his site so I could purchase the v2 & TSP Stage 1 tune for my car when I bought it last April.
  9. Beware of Scammer

    To protect myself I will ONLY do PayPal and use the Goods and Services protection option which is NOT the friends & family one.
  10. Going to stock, more parts to be sold than I have ever seen

    PM sent about 27Won turbo.
  11. Wake the Dragon 2020 - Event & Registration Information **New dates Aug 21-23**

    Anyone have a recommendation for a walkie talkie (2 way radio) & know what channel this year will be running on? Thanks!
  12. SOLD: DOWNFORCE SOLUTIONS Splitter, Side Skirts, and Diffuser for Sedan

    Wanted to say thank you for selling me the front & sides. Should have them on by the beginning of next I was able to score a BMPSEC rear diffuser that BMSPEC had left over from someone backing out. My Platinum White Pearl FC3 is going to look killer when all this is done :)...
  13. Front & Rear Camber Adjustment (Installing D2 Racing Lowering Springs)

    I'm sorry, I have re-read my original post and not sure what other thread you're referring too. I will so this too. I had called MAPerformance to ask them what I should order and I went with: SPC Performance Front Adjustable Lower Ball Joint (+1.0 Deg) & SPC Performance Civic Rear Adjustable...
  14. White/amber switchback LED eyelids (DRL, sequential turn) iJDMtoy

    How much shipped to 47714 and/or 42003
  15. SOLD: DOWNFORCE SOLUTIONS Splitter, Side Skirts, and Diffuser for Sedan

    I am in the front splitter. I’ll DM you.
  16. Latest Honda Hack Pro v5.0.5 Is Awesome!

    I factory reset the head unit then redid the Honda Hack when connected to my home WiFi. Smooth sailing after doing all of that.
  17. Perrin or PRL Intercooler ?

    I am literally buying one right now. I am sure I will post up photos and everything once it is done. Also doing the Eman retrofit Type R clutch kit, D2 Lowering Springs and the SPC front and rear camber parts. Should be sitting low, straight and mean as hell.
  18. Front & Rear Camber Adjustment (Installing D2 Racing Lowering Springs)

    Hello, first let me say thank you to this awesome community. I read the forum posts and learn a lot along the way. Back a couple months ago purchased a set of D2 Lowering Springs. I was holding off on the install until I had to do my clutch so I could do both at once. I have recently ordered...
  19. Type R and 10th Gen Civic Interior LEDs

    Do you sell the resistors? If not, what kind do you recommend for a 2019 Civic Si Coupe. Thanks!