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  1. Las Vegas

    That’s awesome! Welcome!
  2. Seat covers

    Any pics of them installed?
  3. Si interior “mod”thread

    That looks AWESOME! Would you mind sharing part numbers / links?
  4. Las Vegas Si Meetup

    Good point - best of luck!
  5. Las Vegas Si Meetup

    Congrats on the new ride! If you have better success organizing something that would be awesome but as you can see from this thread I was unsuccessful in doing so.
  6. Katana LED H11 Headlight Review

    The light is upside down? Not sure I follow.. I would remove the bulb, see if it allows a slight rotation on the base (easier to see with the bulb removed) or consider installing the bulb in a different orientation if possible. Sorry I don’t have better info for you. Hopefully someone else with...
  7. Katana LED H11 Headlight Review

    I ended up going for a less expensive fanless Hikari option instead for the Low Beams: I also changed my mind on the color for the fogs and went with Alla lighting...
  8. Would You Have Preferred a Sunroof-less Si?

    I am in the "prefer the sunroof" boat. There were a few features I wanted in my "next car" when I was shopping : 1. Coupe 2. Manual Transmission 3. Sunroof 4. Manual seat adjustments 5. Rear spoiler The Si nailed it - my biggest complaint is the lack of a leather option.
  9. Katana LED H11 Headlight Review

    That's great news! Glad it helped
  10. Suma Performance Anti Glare Mirrors

    For those WITHOUT native turn signals that installed these mirrors WITH the turn signal feature; would you mind posting a video of the turn signal in action? I am interested to see how it looks and performs.
  11. Anyone have all weather floor mats and a trunk tray in their coupe?

    Good questions, I don't have the sedan so I can't really say for sure about the differences. Maxpider definitely takes their own sweet time in responding, but they do eventually reply - I had emailed them about a cargo tray and it took forever for them to reply.
  12. Anyone have all weather floor mats and a trunk tray in their coupe?

    I got the Maxpiders for my '19 Si Coupe from Amazon here and they fit front and back perfectly:
  13. Anyone have all weather floor mats and a trunk tray in their coupe?

    After reading other threads on CivicX I ended up getting Maxpiders for my Si Coupe instead of the usual weathertechs I get; Maxpiders are hands down the best looking and feeling floor mats I have had yet. I wish they made a trunk tray - I have the OEM all weather trunk tray, but it's a tight...
  14. Finally pulled the trigger on a new SI!

    Welcome to the cool kids club! :cool:
  15. Civic AC heading for lawsuit?

    I am very interested in proactively protecting mine as well; when you do yours would you mind taking pics and doing a "build thread" for those of us that want to follow suit?
  16. Pressure washers and soap guns

    Not cheap. $643.01 including shipping to my door. That was for the highest quality package with all of the parts etc. He had cheaper options available but since the additional parts (the majority of the cost) can be moved on to other pressure washers I felt it was worth the extra $$ for the...
  17. Pressure washers and soap guns

    After watching hours of pressure washer / foam cannon reviews on youtube I settled on this: It finally arrived mid last week and I hooked it up this weekend to give it a go. Using Adams Car...
  18. Question on jacking up the car

    Thanks for the responses!
  19. sew on steering wheel cover

    I put one I got for ~$8 on Amazon, it took a while to sew on but the feel, durability and quality was so much better than any steering wheel cover I have ever used