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  1. Car stalled on flooded road, battery is good, engine won’t turn.

    ?? So did they write the car off ??
  2. Converting A/C system to R134

    Sucks when people go silent after they say they'll post an update.
  3. Help me decide on these rims over stock on my 2018 EX-T coupe

    The stock wheels look much better than those. GP's I really didn't like the EX-T wheels at first but they've kinda grown on me. They reflect light very well,
  4. Oil Dilution TSB

    Not sure if this has been discussed before but don't check the oil after it's been sitting for hours, it will give a very high reading., Overnight - reading quite high 1 minute after starting and running for a couple minutes, the same conditions as when your filling oil during an oil...
  5. Serpentine belt replacement?

    Yeah I‘m kinda curious too, is there access behind the front passenger wheel ?
  6. Blox High Pressure Radiator Cap, 1.3 Bar - Type-A

    If it's not overheating and you're running a 50/50 coolant mix then I think its a waste of money, you're only raising the boiling point of the coolant a few degrees and adding about 3 psi on the system.
  7. OEM engine filter is expensive vs.

    That's more like it :thumbsup: Your dealer is gouging you...or tried that is.
  8. OEM engine filter is expensive vs.

    You're getting royally screwed if you're paying 39 buck for a OEM air filter. They charge 19.25 at my dealer in Canada and College Hills Honda shows retail at 21.61 (US). On sale now for 17.51 In case you have a 2.0 they are...
  9. How to remove this snap ring on center console?

    If you don't have a screwdriver handy you could also use a straight edge like a small ruler and push the clip from the open end side. Looks like it has enough meat to push it far enough to pop off or not to pop back into place.
  10. Coupe with a body kit

    Oh my god ! that wing looks horrifically awful !
  11. Oil level

    My Civic replaced an 06 CRV, the Nissan (Murano) is my wife's.
  12. Oil level

    You haven't owned a 3.5 L Nissan yet have you LOL. I usually check about 3 times back to back, that helps clear any residual oil from dipstick tube, I usually have a nice clean line from wet to dry, I find it easy to read. The Nissan on the other hand is still next to impossible to tell...
  13. Black Walnut Found in Wheel Well

    A walnut seems an odd choice for a vandal, It really cant damage anything, it'll break under any kind of pressure. Most likely a squirrel or chipmunk
  14. Tapping noise at idle

    While in park/neutral give the engine a quick rev...if the tapping noise stops while the rpm is dropping then its the injectors. My injectors go quiet when my revs are dropping while at 0 throttle, you can hear them turn back on and start clacking away again right before it hits idle speed.
  15. Tweeter Rattle

    Yes I get the rattle somewhere near the tweeter over tiny bumps (with the audio system turned off) If I push hard enough on the "sail" the tweeter is mounted in it goes away.. I partially removed the sail and stuffed foam behind it then clipped it back in place...seems to have helped...
  16. Interactive Vin

    Just safety related recalls but its a start.
  17. **RECALL FIX - Capless Fuel System**

    I have a coupe as well but never experienced snow under the fuel lid like that. That said I'd like to get that fix for mine too...just to be safe.
  18. Deleting blank pages in alternate skin

    Dont think theres a workaround for that, Just put everything you want on the last page to the right and pretend the other pages are not there..... problem solved.
  19. Rubber molding on top of car damaged

    Never heard of that one yet, Have pics ? Should be a quick fix at the dealer
  20. 2016-2018 AC Units

    Warranty is now 10 years unlimited mileage on the condenser for those vehicles affected. There's nothing wrong with the A/C unit itself It's just the condenser that may fail early, very early in some cases. On the other hand some people may never have an issue with the condenser. I have...