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  1. The End of The CTR?

    In the last economic downturn, Honda had a near-ready V10 NSX that had already completed several shakedowns at the Nurburgring. It was cancelled, never to be seen again with the company concentrating on core, volume models. Although the CTR uses a lot of "off-the-shelf" parts from Civics, it is...
  2. How soon is to soon?!

    If you don’t plan on beating on the car, perhaps you’re better off "beating on it" and still be protected with the warranty.
  3. Aftermarket Sub??

    You also need a sound processor like an Audison bit or Audiocontrol as the factory bass signal is a little screwy (it gets boosted and attenuated depending on what the factory audio system THINKS your sub is doing). Without one, the bass will be very inconsistent.
  4. Remus full exhaust with sound controller problem

    Is it possible that the lack of communication is covid related? Maybe they had to temporarily shut down? The fact that you tried with another email address with the same result makes me think this.
  5. DIY OIL Change Reference Civic Type R

    Uh, not sure about the defective dipstick comment. Running a car with too much oil can be as damaging (or more) than running it with low oil. If you ran the car (hopefully not hard) and it's still reading high, I would definitely take some out. Trust the dipstick. Did you change oil and filter...
  6. full review, writeup, and installation steps: ctr subs, amp, center channel, and door speakers

    It's a little more complicated than that. It may end up sounding worse than stock. Your new component speaker will have a crossover. The factory speakers have the crossover built into the audio unit. Crossover frequency and equalization are optimized for the (crappy) factory speakers. So you'll...
  7. Any 2020 Civic Type R arrived at dealerships?

    100% correct. And with limited supply, pent up demand and lack of profits for a month (or more), there may be LESS flexibility with pricing.
  8. Any 2020 Civic Type R arrived at dealerships?

    If you live in a tax free state, throw everything I said out the window. Sell on your own and negotiate the best deal that you can for the CTR.
  9. Any 2020 Civic Type R arrived at dealerships?

    Dealer treats it as a trade I meant to say...
  10. Any 2020 Civic Type R arrived at dealerships?

    You can do an "accommodation " sale. You sell your car to someone but they have to go through the dealer. Dealer treats it as a sale so you still save the taxes. Doesn’t cost the dealer anything. And you sell the car at the agreed upon price between you and the buyer. Buyer has to pay the taxes...
  11. So who is using regular gas in these cars?

    It's not the octane that gives the extra power. The higher octane will simply resist knocking more, thereby allowing the engine to perform as it was designed. So, no the octane does not generate more power. But it does allow the engine (or engine tune) to reach its potential. So it is...
  12. 19 CTR from the US to Germany build

    I took my Canadian CTR to my home in Greece. Were you able to load European maps on the nav unit? Apparently difficult or impossible to do. I don't see why.
  13. Should I buy, or should I pass?

    exactly. Anyone that can analyze a financial statement can see that they are very close to illiquid. They’ve only made money a handful of quarters since their existence. And now, with mainstream manufacturers finally joining the "e" party, it’ll be a question of time. Unless they get swallowed...
  14. Should I buy, or should I pass?

    ...or, in a few years, Tesla may be bankrupt.
  15. sounds like i ran over sheet metal

    Definitely a rock in brake shield. Makes all sorts of weird sounds that you would swear could not possibly be caused by this (screeching, twangs, spring pops, etc) but, when the rock was removed, all sounds stopped.
  16. Will the higher 2020 CTR MSRP impact the 17'-19 resale value in a few years?

    I don't see an MSRP of $40 being a problem as a good majority of Type R's were actually purchased for at least that (with the ADM). As long as dealers stay at MSRP...
  17. Remus exhaust

    Thumbs up or down?
  18. Remus exhaust

    This is the first exhaust whose sound I like. Love the adjustability as well. The only thing that puts me off a bit is the bulky look. But it's probably not really visible. Any pics?