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  1. Anyone lease one or see the lease rates

    Oh noes, what ever is the dealership going to do that didn't sell you a car LOL.
  2. Si Warrenty

    I bought a 8 year 120,000 for myself. As cheap as they are it's a no brainer for me. Our service department is always busy. You might not have any trouble in 60,000 miles, but to think you won't have any for 100,000 or 120,000 is just foolish IMO. I'll sell my car in 5-6 years more than...
  3. Civic Si OTD price thread

    From what I have seen, Honda gives no consideration to the dealerships. When it gets to the point that it's showing up "on order" it is usually close to being produced.
  4. Civic Si OTD price thread

    I'm the finance manager, I could make it up to show you $10,000 OTD... The sedan we sold to a customer for $200 under sticker
  5. Civic Si OTD price thread

    I picked my Si coupe up today for ~$23,200 plus tax and title. We got a coupe and a sedan and they both sold within 24 hours of being unloaded off the transport.
  6. Election Day

    While the setup is very different to provinces and territories of Canada, I think there is a lot of the same sentiment between them. BC and Alberta are just about as fond of Quebec as most of the US is of California.
  7. Service Advisor's opinion

    Please explain how his post proves your point that "most service advisors are full of crap." Who said that ripping people off because they are clueless is OK?
  8. Service Advisor's opinion

    That really doesn't make any sense at all. Crappy that they played it that way. 10,000 mile oil changes in 3 months? Not many people going to make that policy
  9. Service Advisor's opinion

    I agree with most of that. Something to add though is that the people that are clueless and misinformed are more likely to THINK that they got ripped off when they didn't. Just curious, what was the reasoning behind the service advisor declining the coupon? That is incorrect. That may be...
  10. Service Advisor's opinion

    Great, you are old. While you can trade youth for wisdom, not everyone does. :) Please explain exactly how arguing with forum warriors on the interwebs benefits me. Lets look at a couple of facts here. Fact #1 Service advisors are pulled from the same group of people that include you...
  11. Service Advisor's opinion

    He's an ass alright :) I have seen a few Civics with hiccups, but you made a good investment.
  12. Service Advisor's opinion

    It's actually the other way around. Service advisors get a bad rep mostly due to the lack of knowledge on the customers part.
  13. Recommendations on paint protection - NJ

    Lol, that's good to hear. They did say it started out as a way to protect aircraft. After hearing about how much our head detailer loves the stuff and seeing how well they handle their warranty claims, I had to put on my Shelby.
  14. Recommendations on paint protection - NJ

    I'm not sure, I ended up selling my truck before taking it back. Standard detailing charge I'm guessing.
  15. Honda Civic Type R purchasing process

    As far as them getting 2 and coming in late April or May, they are just guessing. As soon as you see the available trims and colors, you might be able to have them get you exactly what you want if you are fast enough in letting them know.
  16. Recommendations on paint protection - NJ

    I had opti-coat pro applied to a 2015 Tacoma. It did not hold up very well. Especially on areas of the truck that got muddy. With the paint protections, what you really want to look for is the warranty that comes with it. For example (this is not my endorsement, just an example) Xzilon...
  17. Honda Civic Type R purchasing process

    I don't think it's messed up at all. It will usually work by a process of "right of first refusal" like whippet posted. When they get their allocation they may call the first 10 people and they all decline in which case the 11th person can swoop in on it. If they took 3 deposits on 3...
  18. Hatchback - What did you pay?

    Nice. They aren't going for much than $100-200 off MSRP around here. Too much demand and not enough supply.
  19. Honda Civic Type R purchasing process

    They don't need to really know when it's coming out to take your money :) If you really want one of the first ones though, I would try to sign off on a sale contract as soon as you can. A sold car will usually get preference to a normal allocation request.
  20. 2017 Honda Civic Si Coupe First Sighting!

    Has their been any official word from Honda on a spring release for the R?