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  1. In the market for a valid tire opinion

    I put 90000 miles on my OEM Kinergy GT's. They might last you longer then 6 months :) I thought they were a great tire. I had no traction issues on wet roads until they were down to 4/32'nds. Replaced with Cooper Zeon RS3-G1's. Much more grip, corner great, but MPG's down 4-5, and almost gone at...
  2. What Year, Trim, and miles do you currently have on your Civic?

    2016 LX 6spd. Just shy of 132000 miles. 95% highway. No real issues to report.
  3. LED headlight bulb suggestions for $100?

    With a budget of $100, you could get a set of Katana H11 LED low beams, and a set of Nineo 2 9005 HB3 LED high beam bulbs. I have this combo, and it is great! The high beams are wicked bright, and throw like no tomorrow in the Civic reflector housings. Both available on Amazon.
  4. LED headlights interfering with radio

    I had some Oedro LED's that did the same thing. I think it was the fan causing the static noise. Have since switched to Katana LED's, and no fan noise or static now.
  5. GTR Lighting GEN 3 LED Headlight Bulbs

    I agree with WhiteLightFreak. I have the Katana H11's for lows, and the Nineo II's 9005/Hb3 for high beams. Great combo for about $100 on Amazon. Really like the Nineo II's output on unlit back roads with a high critter population. I like lighting up deer eyes from WAY out there. I had to clock...
  6. Anyone who sees snow, how is your Civic performing?

    I agree, the Kinergy GT's were borderline worthless in the snow. I only drove on snow a couple times with them, but hated them each time. I did end up putting 90000 miles on them though, and thought they did great on dry and wet, so there is that. Current tires, Cooper Neon RS3-G1's, are a...
  7. Stock Hankook tires: How long should they last?

    I drive about 95% highway on my '16 LX. I put 90000 on the original Hankook tires, same as yours. They seemed decent to me except in the snow.
  8. Katana LED H11 Headlight Review

    I disgaree. I just put a set of Katana LEDs in my low beams, and Nineo 9005 HB3 (full size) in myhigh beams. I like the Katana bulbs, but the Nineo high beams are WAY more output then I expected. If you want the absolute MOST light in your high beams, get the Nineo 9005 HB3's. I live in an area...
  9. Driver side mirror

    When my '16 was only about 1 month old, I was driving down the highway, and a truck going the opposite direction launched a rock at me, impacting on the drivers side mirror, the front plastic housing. It punched a hole through it. I had it repaired at the dealership, since the car was so new...
  10. 2017-2019 Civic Reliability

    I put 90100 miles on my OE Hankook tires before replacing them. 90+% highway miles. They were at 4/32nds when they were swapped out. They get a bad rap, but I thought they were pretty good tires.
  11. New 2019 Civic LX 2.0L

    Ha! That is a pretty funny pic there Gruber.
  12. Engine more noise after oil change?

    First, I would check the oil level on the engine, and right now. Second, try to determine what exactly you are hearing. They might not have correctly reinstalled the aluminum cover pan under the engine. You could always take it back to the dealer, and discuss your concerns.
  13. Change in fuel mileage from 2016 EXL to 2019 Touring Coupe? Anybody have any comments?

    Different tires? I noticed about a 4MPG difference when I replaced my stock tires on my LX.
  14. Made to last 250,000miles

    My '16 LX has just over 103000 miles. I do about 30000-35000 a year, so I'll let you know in just a few years :)
  15. Tired of having a wet butt!

    Actually, on the '16 LX fob, you can do the same thing. Press the unlock button, then press and hold it a second or two, and all four windows will roll down.
  16. Review: Cooper RS3-G1 UHP-AS Tire

    2016 Sedan 2.0 with 6 speed manual. Car came stock with the Hankook Kinergy GT's. I had a really good experience with those. 90000 miles (95% highway), gripped great wet or dry, not so hot in the snow. So, a pretty high bar was set. Coopers have been on since mid December, almost 10000 miles on...
  17. Help me pick a tire for my new wheels

    Your in Minnesota. Do you run all season tires, or dedicated winters, something else in the summer? I have Cooper RS3-G1 UHP AS tires, and they grip great on wet/dry. Snow was sort of meh. Awesome handling though.
  18. New Tires Help

    I have the Cooper Zeon RS3-G1's on my 2016 Sedan. Size is 215/55/R16, so not the same size you are looking at. I have just over 2000 miles on them now. Things I like: grip, grip, and grip. These things are glued to the road unless the road has frozen stuff on it. Wet or dry, the grip is amazing...
  19. 2017-2019 Civic Reliability

    2016 LX 2.0 and 6MT. Almost to 92000 miles, no real issues with the engine. I threw codes a couple times for a knock sensor. They re-flashed the PGM, and no more codes. My mileage has dropped since swapping tires to something with more grip/rolling resistance. Cannot complain about anything on...
  20. Uniroyal Tiger Paw GTZ All Season 2? Anyone know anything about these?

    Don't know about the Tiger Paws. Have you checked your local Walmart for the Generals? I think $436 ($109 x 4) sounds pretty high for a full set of tires that might not be top tier. If you shop around, look for a good deal, rebates, could likely do better. Not saying the Tiger paws...