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  1. Consumer Reports article on exploding sunroofs

    Broken glass from a rock? Dealer must replace it because I didnt cause it. Glass does not spontaneously erupt, there is always a reason for this to happen. And no, a temperature differential is not merely enough for the glass to break. After all, they're engineered that way. Yes that could...
  2. Finally after 9 months of ownership, my 1st mod.

    For the odyssey? No there wasn't a notice but this seems to be a pretty common issue, but I suspect there to be a recall on it soon. Happening on alot of V6 pilots and odysseys. All 6 injectors were replaced along with some piping.
  3. Finally after 9 months of ownership, my 1st mod.

    Gonna install the DW's on our 18 odyssey elite too. Boy I love that car. Stock are OK, very comfortable for touring but skids with a little too much power on the throttle. They're great in the snow. Only con is they're kinda expensive. Still have about 10k on the stocks though. (37k miles) Say...
  4. Solar battery charger harbor freight

    For your car do you mean as a "trickle charge" or for another purpose?
  5. L

    Dam Thats serious bro I feel your pain.
  6. Want to get a 2018 Civic Hatchback but terrified of the fuel dilution issues

    Definitely man complain about a civic on a civic forum
  7. Finally after 9 months of ownership, my 1st mod.

    I personally prefer the Continental Extreme Contact DWS06, it doesn't break the bank, works MARVELOUS in the snow, and has excellent dry weather traction. Reputable German tires, works great in the rain too. We've installed it in our Volvo SUV but I have yet to install it on my civic. Have about...
  8. Want to get a 2018 Civic Hatchback but terrified of the fuel dilution issues

    Wait, gasoline engines in europe have particulate filters now? Boy what a pain in the neck those systems are. Our diesel work truck is down about 20% of the time only because of the exhaust sytem. Sure, the air coming out of the exhaust is just as clean (if not cleaner) than air entering the...
  9. Normal 1.5t sound?

    meh, free transmission I guess. :D
  10. Tesla Cybertruck

    Now THATis the definition of a Tonka truck. Both are funky, but then again its Tesla. The only good looking one IMO is the Model S. And I love how it has an ACTUAL dashboard. Gosh I hate the single screen in the center.
  11. Tesla Cybertruck

    Looks like a lego I'd hate to step on. I've made better looking lego cars as a kid (honest).
  12. Normal 1.5t sound?

    So you had your transmission and turbo replaced under warranty? Sounds like a lemon to me. Certainly not usual for this to come from a reputable brand like Honda.
  13. Manual door lock not responding/working

    Update: Dealer inspected and found key cylinder disengaged to door lock, adjusted and all is back to normal. Not sure how that happened though...
  14. On Civic X in 2050 ?

    Oh my God am I the only 18 year old on here?? Why is everyone talking about dying??
  15. So what other forums are y’all into?

    Into bike forums atm, specifically the Yamaha R3 forums. I love riding! :)
  16. Manual door lock not responding/working

    Hi all, It's been a while since I've been active here--mostly due to me getting my first bike and toying around with it alot. Anywho, anyone have/had any issues with the drivers side lock to not engage/disengage when you insert the key in there (using the spare key inside the key fob). I just...
  17. Mystery plastic box behind door panels?

    Engineers aren't that bored to place plastic boxes in door panels, each of these parts have a function, and that little box certainly does too. I hope you were joking about the resonance thing :hmm::rofl:
  18. Tire making noise above 85 mph

    What is the speed rating on the tire, or what is the type of tire you have on? (All season, winter. Etc..)
  19. 2019 hbst carjacked

    This thread has gotten out of hand and full of politics. Mods/OP gotta open a new one.