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  1. My 2016 EX-L has no “System Update” option

    Software updates are usually only performed by the dealer via USB (unless you can get a copy of it). There’s no over the air update options in the civic.
  2. 2.0L Stock exhaust sound

    I’m a complete noob when it comes to the exhaust, but I paid attention to it for the first time today and thought it sounded weird/louder compared to when I heard it before. Can anybody clarify if this is normal? The idle sound and the engine shutoff sound? Just wanted to make sure, thanks!
  3. Please help, I think I'm crazy( lanewatch issue)

    You’re not crazy. I have a 2018 and mine looks different than yours. Maybe they did the aiming incorrectly?
  4. Replacing an lx radio unit with one from an ex This guide is your friend.
  5. Auto Headlight Setting

    The headlights have an auto-off timer which you can set through the infotainment for when you unlock your car, in 0s, 15s(default), 30s, and 60s. If you unlock your door, the lights will come on for the time you choose. If the timer runs out and the headlights turn off, and then you open the...
  6. Honda Hack hotspot Wifi issue - no internet

    I have this exact issue. Interestingly, if I just plug my iPhone in for carplay, my HU has internet connection. Everything works! This is WITHOUT connecting to my phone hotspot. Once I connect to my phone hotspot, the internet no longer works. Can’t access the web, use my apps that require a...
  7. Door panel rattle fixed

    I did some research and had some people over at a different forum provide me some advice. I ended up using closed cell foam throughout the entire panel, then using new felt clips to secure the panel back onto the door. This has eliminated the rattles entirely. There are still some tiny buzzes...
  8. Civic EX 2018 Remote start

    My best guess is either, The cars original key was lost, damaged, or stolen, and a replacement key was programmed, however using one without the remote start function for some odd reason (maybe the previous owner didn’t care for it?) Or the country in where you reside has some sort of law...
  9. Civic EX 2018 Remote start

    The 2018 EX has remote start, both of my keys came with the button on it, here in the US. I’m sure you can buy a replacement key and pay a dealer to have them program it for you. You don’t need the...
  10. Unfamiliar hollow mechanical noise

    Hey did you eventually figure out what this was? I’m experiencing the same issue
  11. Door panel rattle fixed

    Okay so, my car has gotten to the point where rattles are louder than my speakers can mask. The ones that are bothering me the most are my door panels, esp. the passenger side. Whenever the song hits a beat the speakers make the door panel rattle, most prominent in these two spots. I have...
  12. I'm not impressed that I can't use Carplay for nav and Bluetooth for audio at the same time

    I thought you can use bluetooth and carplay at the same time? I’m not sure, but for me, as long as the car has a known connection with the bluetooth device, i’ll plug in my phone for Carplay, let that load, then go into my car bluetooth settings and connect the other device as a media device...
  13. whats price of gas where you live- what your fav. fuel injector cleaner

    Y’all should come to California :banghead: These are my local Chevron prices, I don’t really use any additional cleaner because of Techron 87 - $3.71/gal 89 - $3.89/gal 91 - $3.99/gal
  14. Air conditioning condenser issue is real

    My driver side AC has given up cooling on my 2018 EX, at 22,250 miles. Got an appt in a couple days, lets hope it’s covered by warranty...
  15. DRL Stay Bright modules

    The passenger side really is difficult to install, luckily for me I have tiny wrists so I managed to squeeze my wrist down there, not without a struggle though. These are great!
  16. Why is my MPG so low?

    I’m in the same area as well! Things have improved by A LOT since I posted originally, I now mostly do highway driving on the 210 and 10 during traffic hours and get anywhere from 30mpg to 35mpg. My commute times have increased to 30 minutes each day. Combined with city or just short city drives...
  17. A-pillar clip

    Best way to fix the very common A-pillar rattle is to take out the a-pillar and put some padding back there. It’s very easy to take off, i just followed this video here.
  18. Side marker fell off

    I had my fender replaced and yeah, it’s not 100% flush with my bumper :/. I just kept pushing and eventually it kinda went in. It’s not perfect and feels like it could pop out again with the vibration of the car after a while, but it’s set for now. At least it ain’t broken :thumbsup:! Thanks for...
  19. Side marker fell off

    I just got done with a road trip and found my right side marker just hanging for dear life by the bulb cord. Does this side marker look like it has a clip snapped off? It doesn’t click into place and it kinda just goes in and out.
  20. Latest Hikari LEDs are very good

    I used them (9600lm) in the snow and rain for the past couple weeks and i’m very pleased. Can’t wait to try the 12000lms one.