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  1. Dented 2020 Civic Si

    I think PDR can get that out about 80-90%, and then just polish out the scratches. Cost would probably be a couple hundred.

    Everyone talking about how BMW it looks because of the kidney grill. It could just be the emblem they're covering up, and just using the camo from top to bottom of the grill. I'll wait until it gets revealed to make any judgements.
  3. Best Dealer In SoCal for Warranty Work?

    Although my car is out of warranty, I'd like to know a good Socal dealer to go to for TSBs or like the 10 year AC warranty stuff. I've done all the maintenance myself because of the reasons above. I did however made a trip to Weir Canyon Honda because I lost my wheel locks (without an...
  4. Ceramic Coating Questions

    Anyone try Avalon King's ceramic coating before?
  5. Type R Sport Line wing

    Just wondering if anyone knows how to get the Type R sport line wing that's available in the EU. Seems to me that one would have to swap out the tailgate spoiler on the FK7 for that assembly.
  6. My replacement tail light is loose

    I think you need to push really hard on the area that's loose to snap the "clips" into place.
  7. WTB: Lunar Silver Metallic Hood

    If anyone has a spare lunar silver hood w/o any damage laying around in Socal, I'm interested in it. Thanks!
  8. 27WON Front Strut Tower Bar

    @[email protected] Any info on the thread protrusion after the bolts are torqued down? It was brought up by @Fit2Hatch on post #21 of this thread. "Standard is:- after fastener is torqued to spec., there should have thread protrusion above top of fastened nut - in order to satisfied safety margin...
  9. Lowering Spring Install: Bolt Stuck

    I know you solved your issue, but mine came out with no issues. I think (stating the obvious at this point) it has to do with where you're located, snow, salt = corrosion that's making the bolt hard to remove.
  10. Pulled a taillight apart

    wow, seems lot more complicated than imagined. Excited to see what you come up with. I'd love to have some LED tailights, but aftermarket isn't cutting it for me.
  11. Request: Subframe torque specs

    I found that the rears were harder to line up than the fronts. I loosened all of them, but didn't remove them completely from their sockets, that way the subframe won't completely fall down, but had enough space to place the collars in. Lots of shifting subframe, tightening a bit, shifting...
  12. Mugen LED Tail Lights

    I bought them before, but noticed build quality was subpar, so I returned them. I probably would have gotten moisture like the post above with the ones I received (see pic).
  13. "Oil dilution settlement"

    I got it too. I think it's just lawyers wanting a payday from Honda, while we get pennies for this class action lawsuit.
  14. Rear sway bar endlinks and stabilizer brackets

    I have some lightly used rear sway bar/stabilizer bar endlinks and D brackets. Endlinks P/N: 52320-TBA-A01 Brackets P/N: 52308-TBA-A10 I'm looking for about $5 each, or if you want all of them (not sure who would lol) you can have them for $20.
  15. SI transmission in a Sport hatch project

    @Shadowfighter why did you end up using 3M windowield on the transmission mounts?
  16. The Oil Thread

    Here's an update on my oil. 1.8% fuel dilution. Checked my dipstick on my oil last week and it's above what I initially filled it at. So I suspect more fuel dilution as well. Recently my trips to work have only been about 15 minutes on local streets, so that may be one of the reasons too...
  17. Best functional LED turn signal bulbs

    I had Luyeds before, and yeah, they burnt out in like a month. If I were to go back to LEDs, I'd probably go with one without a built-in resistor. I've read that some members here had the backfiring type LEDs so it makes use of the whole reflector housing. I'm not too sure about the brand...
  18. Request: Subframe torque specs

    Does anyone know the torque specs for the front and rear subframe for the fk7? I wish I had looked it up when I had subscription to the honda service express site.