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  1. Comparison of "Base" 1.5T and "Si" 1.5T Connecting Rods

    The only 1.5 blown in my country had an aftermarket clutch, downpipe, antilag and was abused in a daily basis even with the engine not fully warm. The engine threw a rod in a relaxed drive way home.
  2. Si Not sure where to post this. Bang shift

    He said is using boomba rmm. What do you mean with "getting a bang shift"?
  3. KTuner For Type-R - Now Available

    No mods needed.
  4. Si Tsp stage 1 not making much power

    His profile says it's an SI. Numbers are low but it depends on the dyno... I had a friend making 180 instead of 240 just because aVSA was enabled (on the dyno confusing the ECU), so that's why I'm asking. If the 2 lines are stock vs tuned the gains seems pretty solid.
  5. Si Tsp stage 1 not making much power

    Make sure Advanced VSA is not enabled (MAIN on). Can you explain the 2 lines? 1 stock and 1 tuned? A 50+hp gain is really good.
  6. Cylinder Knock Count - Ktuner V1

    You are not missfiring. Your numbers are totally fine. K.control rise if you rev past 5300rpm even if there isn't real knock.
  7. understanding ignition and timing

    How can I (or someone) get access to those or other hidden tables?
  8. Help: The best diameter DP/FP for my setup They have this one listed.
  9. low boost problem

    I think you mean MAF housing to the PRL race, not the sensor itself.
  10. MHI 10th Gen Honda Civic Si Bolt On Turbo Upgrade

    The 27won TIP will help spooling vs a stock TIP which is more restrictive, it will not solve the fact that a bigger turbo will be harder to spool with the same engine.
  11. KTuner Updates: Si Advanced VSA, 18 MY Map Switching, And More!

    Sounds like you have very poor traction, you may want to use boost by gear. I have good results with light ignition (i have a cat) and sticky tires (yokohama v105)
  12. KTuner Updates: Si Advanced VSA, 18 MY Map Switching, And More!

    There are 3 levels of aVSA, if the full retard of that level is reached but the wheels still slipping then you will encounter some amount of throttle pullback, you can minimize throttle pullback by "disabling" traction control.
  13. MHI 10th Gen Honda Civic Si Bolt On Turbo Upgrade

    Nothing you can't solve with boost by gear and advanced vsa. Stright line performance, rolling start, canyon driving, track... will be much better with the W1 vs stock.
  14. MHI 10th Gen Honda Civic Si Bolt On Turbo Upgrade

    No one shold use a BOV with the stock ECU strategy.
  15. NEW Part! PERRIN Rear Motor Mount Insert

    Installed on @David228cx civic and feels way better, the clutch actuation is more precise and there's minimal engine movement when you left the accel pedal. Vibration is more noticiable at low rpm but once the car is moving the increase is minimal. Definitely waiting for mine to arrive and install.
  16. Is this IAT temp too high?

    k.control artificially climb past 5300 RPM in non-si engines and jumps quite high sometimes at revlimit.
  17. Civic Type R Clutch Retrofit Details and Progress

    Nice! Do you know someone using exedy stage1? How the stage2 feels? Is it heavy?