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  1. Pilksdaniel

    Civic SI HFP 2018 Update

  2. 1st & 2nd Gear very sluggish?

    About 3000rpms
  3. 1st & 2nd Gear very sluggish?

    So I’ve been driving my Si for a few months now and ive gotten used to the gears and the clutch and everything about the car basically. However recently I’ve realized that while starting in first and shifting to second the car is extremely sluggish... Is this an issue anyone has encountered if...
  4. High RPM when start up

    Hey Guys, I´m not sure if it´s becasue its getting cold out (I live in Montreal its dipped below zero in the past few weeks overnight and the mornings are around 2 degrees celcius) or if its something to do with my car. I drive a 2018 Civic Si. Basically when I push start my car the RPM goes...
  5. Brand New 2018 Si HFP issue

    I agree with how comfortable the normal mode is, I was quite impressed on the difference between the two modes. You really feel the stiffness in the sports mode. Honestly the car is quite fantasitc.
  6. 94 Octane Gas

    Alright thanks for the advice, the manual says 91 and above not just 91. I do understand your point though.
  7. 94 Octane Gas

    Hey Guys, So I filled my 2018 Si for the first time yesterday, I put in 94 octane. The station also offfered 91 but I opted to go with the 94 instead. Did I make the right choice? Any advice on which premium gas I should run in my Si? Always happy to hear your responses, -Daniel
  8. Anyone Know where I can tint windows in Montreal?

    How much did it cost and what percentage you do on front and back windows?
  9. Miles per gallon for the Si

    only getting 26 mpg rn but its becasue not used to shift points and stuff like that will be able to get it up to 30 minimum no problems once i get used to the car.
  10. How much did you pay for your 18 si?

    I put 10k down and pay 209 bi weekly for 48 months and then have a 15,495 buy back at the end of the lease. All Canadian currency, also this is with the hfp package, rust proof, paint protection, and 4 years honda plus and winter tires with 18 inch alloys.
  11. Anyone Know where I can tint windows in Montreal?

    Got my new civic SI didnt get tint from factory, anyone know where in the montreal area I can get them tinted?
  12. Whats Your Keychain Look Like?

    What do you guys keep on your key chain to make your keys unique?
  13. Rpm shift point

    Hey Guys, Was just wondering at what rpm you guys shift at? In my 2005 civic i used to always shift below 3000rpms. With the new 2018 Si I was wondering if I should do the same or if i can go higher comfortably! I dont want to wear out my transmission either. Thanks Guys, -Daniel
  14. Brand New 2018 Si HFP issue

    I am very happy, im leaving from work to pick up my car in an hour cant wait to see my baby. On the Honda site the HFP says (HFP sport suspension with Adaptive Damper System) and the normal si doesnt have any specification on the suspension. So i beleive that the suspension is different. Also...
  15. Whats in your car?

    the wireless charging in iphones only started in the iphone 8 and x so the 7 does not have it. Probably upgrading my phone soon though, work for a phone company so 50% off phone plans is an incentive haha. Yeah the smoked is nice. I would probs do it but my car is black so dont know how it would...
  16. Whats in your car?

    the car i took came with the wireless charging pad already i only have iphone 7 plus though so its pointless, only helps when i pick up my friends who have s8s. Where do you get tints for the lights? Would be something i may add to my car.
  17. Whats in your car?

    WOW, Looking good!
  18. Brand New 2018 Si HFP issue

    Hey Guys, Happy to tell you honda just called me and it was just when installing the HFP package one of the techs didnt fully connect one of the coils. I get to pick it up tonight! Im happy again!!!
  19. Whats in your car?

    do you have a picture of the back end of your car?