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  1. Poll: Is 2021 going to start the 11th generation?

    2022 (Model Year) seems more likely for when the 11th gen will launch.
  2. Did anyone consider the Accord Sport 1.5T 6MT

    Only way I would even think about the accord sport is with the 2.0T but thats just me.
  3. Traded the Si in last week.

    Congrats on the upgrade dude, the s550 platform is badass! Those coyote motors can handle a shit ton of power. I plan to trade in also sometime next year for an S550. Did you go with the 10 speed or manual? And just to get the haters a little more excited, there's no replacement for displacement ;)
  4. What car do you plan on getting next?

    Completely agree with you on that, once you option them out to your liking you start getting close in price range to some other nice sporty options that are 4 door and still fast. I also plan to get my GT if I do end up with it with tons of options so it does have me considering other things in...
  5. What car do you plan on getting next?

    While more expensive the bang for your buck factor is pretty hard to argue especially considering the coyote motor can handle above 700whp on stock internals.
  6. What car do you plan on getting next?

    I may be switching over to a 18+ mustang GT next year. I also wanna wait to see what Subaru does with the new STI but for the most part I am leaning towards the S550 platform.
  7. Civic Si + S2000 -> Type R? Is it worth it with baby on the way?

    Unless money is not an issue look into how expensive daycare, formula, diapers and having a kid can be before you make your decision. By me daycares on average run about 800-1000 monthly and that's not even including formula diapers or anything else.
  8. Electric Turbocharges headed to production. Why didn't I think of that?

    I very much enjoyed the ride when I test drove it, actually it surprised me because I liked it more then I thought I would and was also surprised with how fast those things are its mind blowing.
  9. Electric Turbocharges headed to production. Why didn't I think of that?

    Electric is the future. Little different since this is about an electric turbo charger but I was sitting inside of a Tesla yesterday and wow man those things are pretty nice. I actually am doing a test drive later today for the model 3 I want to get a feel for it since the performance version is...
  10. Who here has had a GenX Si for a short time, but has either traded or thinking of trading it in?

    You really hit the nail on the head for exactly how I feel about my Si.
  11. Who here has had a GenX Si for a short time, but has either traded or thinking of trading it in?

    I am most likely trading in next year (trying to be patient and see what changes multiple platforms make in 2020). The 10th gen Si is an awesome daily with a sporty feel to it, I considered going the mod route to satisfy the urge for more speed but I think I would rather switch to something with...
  12. Need help deciding between 2019 STI and 2019 Civic Type R

    That is nuts because I feel like the boxer rumble in an STI is about the nicest a 4 cylinder car will ever sound. I actually find it even crazier someone from the Honda community will find a sound from another 4 banger platform intolerable considering how Honda's have sounded over the years but...
  13. What do you guys predict the 11th gen Si will be like?

    Hopefully an Si hatch and if they decide to stick with this 1.5 hopefully they put beefier internals.
  14. Need help deciding between 2019 STI and 2019 Civic Type R

    As a few others have stated I would be patient and wait because the new STI refresh is next year and they may be retiring that EJ dinosaur and having a beefed up version of the FA that comes in the current WRX. Who knows what else will change with the refresh but time goes by fast just wait it...
  15. 350WHP

    If you want longevity at that power level then upgrade the internals its a 1.5T be realistic.
  16. Why hatred for drag racing?

    Very true at the moment I try staying stock because I am the kind of person once I start increasing power I am never satisfied so I will end up doing a drag build aswell lol. Either way man if you do it looking forward to seeing the progress and in a way I take back what I say because everyone...
  17. Why hatred for drag racing?

    Sleeper projects are dope as fuck especially the older EG hatch builds but I would not buy a 40k FWD car with the intention of making it a drag car if I wanted a drag car project that was also a new car I would go with something RWD but thats just me. The older Hondas I wouldnt mind it being a...
  18. 2020 si refresh?

    I don't know how accurate that statement is. I know lots of people in the local Subaru community in my area and have heard from multiple people that nearly bone stock Subaru's have had ringland failure with just a OTS 93 octane tune and I would not call that heavily modified.Hell you can go to...
  19. South Florida :)

    LOL if you had Aegean blue then I would be down, with that said there is a member on here and I believe he is also from south FL and he has black with white wheels and its looks awesome. I also think black helps make the plastic pieces on the bumper look better I personally am not a fan of them...
  20. Lots of hate from previous GEN Si's

    I Agree 100% in regards to the 2000 Si. The EM1 will always be my favorite Si I wish I would have kept mine.