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  1. moisture in taillights?

    It happened to my 2018-SI last year but it was probably my fault. I went to a coin wash and I sprayed high pressure water (strong) to the taillights. There were condensations inside both taillights. The dealership replaced them under warranty,
  2. Side Skirts for 2018 Si Coupe

    I installed the red HFP front lip in my MSM coupe. I struggled if I should colour-match the car but decided against it because of cost. The red lip looks great, better than I expected. As for the side skirts, I think it would not make much of a difference. Maybe I am wrong because I...
  3. Delete

    I, for one, would not go 19-inch wheels for my SI coupe. I live in Toronto and the road condition is not too good. IMO. SI coupe is a small car and 18-inch wheels are plenty large for the car.
  4. SLOW Head unit

    I would not install any additional app to the head unit. It is now slow but somewhat bearable for basic functions Including GPS. Installing additional apps would just slow it down.
  5. SLOW Head unit

    Damned. This is disappointing. When I bought my 08 Civic back in November-2017, I was disappointed to see the Android version. I was hoping owners of new Civics would have better luck. Thanks for checking.
  6. SLOW Head unit

    If I remember correctly, the Android version of my 2018 SI is 4.4. Android 4.4 was released in 2013 and is no longer supported. Not sure if the hardware can support a newer Android. It would be great if owners of 2020 models check the Android version.
  7. Map Update

    Started 2 weeks, my head unit (2018 Si) would sometimes display a message for map updates at startup. The message says to visit Garmin website. Do you guys see this message?
  8. Show me your aftermarket shift knob

    Is it a direct replacement, ie: other than the shift snob, did you have to change anything underneath?
  9. Show me your aftermarket shift knob

    I like it. What kind is it? Heavier? Is it a direct replacement?
  10. Front Lip / Body kits

    Looks great. Does the Greddy lip reduce the ground clearance significantly?
  11. Front Lip / Body kits

    As part of a bigger purchase, the parts guy of my dealership gave me a good discount for the HFP front lip. My original plan was to color match it to my MSM Si coupe, I did some research and it would cost me $200-300CAN to prep and paint it properly. If not done properly, it would chip and...
  12. Red type R badging

    My daily commute is a 2018 SI coupe and I installed the red emblems and the HFP front lip. I bought them simply because they look great. The red Honda emblem, the SI badge, the red stripe on my Handkraftd steering wheel and the red front lip all come together. I was new to Honda and I did...
  13. HFP

    I installed the HFP front lip (red) in my MSM coupe last week. I was a bit concerned with the color before the install. It turned out surprisingly great; goes well with the Si badge, the red Honda emblem and red stripe of the aftermarket steering wheel.
  14. Front lip recommendations for Si coupe?

    I went to a paint shop last year. They claimed they would do a proper job but it would cost $300CAN. They told me about the wet sand, paint a few layers and clear-coat a few layers with thorough drying between every step. .
  15. Front lip recommendations for Si coupe?

    Because of lack of colour choice, I ordered the red one back in Nov-2019 for my MSM Si Coupe. I have been deciding to change the colour to match the colour of my car. I read that it is a lot of work to do it right (wet sand, paint a few layers, clear coat a few layer, etc).
  16. Front lip recommendations for Si coupe?

    First thing I see an OE lip in other colour than red! I cannot find this part number 08F01-TTA-1E2 in torontohondaparts site.
  17. Front lip recommendations for Si coupe?

    Look is subjective. For durability and fit and finish, I would think HFP lip.
  18. Silver Ekm3's on The cosmic blue?

    There you go. Hyper Silver EKM on MSM Civic.
  19. Silver Ekm3's on The cosmic blue?

    I bought 17-inch EKM wheels for my SI coupe to be used in winter. These wheels look great and I always like hyper silver. The only issue is because of the many spokes, they are harder to clean. I used to wax the wheels before storage and I do not bother anymore.
  20. Installed aftermarket black grille but the emblem mount is different

    If you have to buy the red emblems, I would suggest the OE route. Many subpar parts in eBay and I for one do not know better.