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  1. SOLD!!!!!!!!! OEM wheels and 245/30/20 pirelli pzero tires

    Pictured is a set of 4 OEM wheels, with some curb rash on some basically new tires. I want them gone, local in the houston and surrounding areas. $600

    Yes mths ago Just haven’t been able to post my OEM parts for sale lol

    Hello for sale is the OEM headlights off my 2019 Type R. Pics included. Looking for 550 for the headlights If outside of Houston, buyer will pay the shipping thanks guys!
  4. My Apex'i N1-X Extreme Evolution Sound Clip Video

    This exhaust sounds great, thanks for being quick to the point and yes plz do show us the other goodies you get in, do you have an IG?
  5. Opinions...please refrain from sarcastic comments...thanks guys.

    Will you be upgrading to the hks CAI since you upgraded everything else to pull it all together?
  6. Spoon Sport Blue Wide Mirrors

    I'll have a passenger side one avail if it dont break when i remove it, I too broke my driver side tryin to readjust
  7. Spoon Sport Blue Wide Mirrors

    I broke my drivers side as well, next time I'll just remove the whole mirror install and place back on lol lesson learned BUT it's nice to know I wasnt the only fuck up either haha
  8. Js Racing Exhaust

    Sounds really good. Thanks for that!
  9. Js Racing Exhaust

    Got any sound clips
  10. Js Racing Exhaust

    Got any sound clips
  11. Js Racing Exhaust

    Thanks bro appreciate it
  12. Js Racing Exhaust

    I daily my R. I dont mind the r400 I just like to match brands and I am putting a bunch of Js racing product on my R so my OCD kicks in to match as much product as possible that I can
  13. Js Racing Exhaust

    Where they at?!?! They have IG??
  14. Invidia r400

    If you're local to houston I'll sell you mine
  15. Js Racing Exhaust

    I currently have the Invidia r400 exhaust but am considering selling it and getting the Js Racing exhaust. Any one in here have the Js Racing exhaust and can provide me with some feedback?
  16. Invidia r400

    lol take 290 up to Austin and slap a number on the side of your door because its like being on a track. Posted limits of 80 or 85mph means easily cruise 9mph over that the whole way. Its like being on a track every day sometimes down here on my commutes to work
  17. Blind Spot/Convex Mirrors (Back in Stock)

    What was the install like? I just ordered these today
  18. Invidia r400

    Lol Joy's of living in TX posted speed limits are over 75 or 80 depending where you live, either way I like the exhaust
  19. Thermal or Invidia?

    Over 90mph and rpms 3500-4000 def loud drone inside cabin, I can send you clips for you to hear for yourself, my ig is ajsummers469
  20. Mishimoto products vs PRL products

    I wasnt educated at first tha65899Iinvidiar400 already came with the front/down pipe in the kit lol