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  1. Where do you store your pistol?

    I agree with "End of the day, if someone want to hurt someone else, they'll figure something out." Its true. But Id rather live in a country where there's no guns rather than a country where guns and knives are everywhere. If i remember the US constitution was written in the late 1700's? Its a...
  2. Where do you store your pistol?

    There was no argument to begin with. You gave no facts and expected an essay reply?

    Check the pics I posted on page 13.
  4. Where do you store your pistol?

  5. Bad A/C smell in my 2018 Civic Si?

    Every car Ive had give this smell. Its all the bacteria in the pipes. Two options. 1) check youtube on how to clear the vents and pipes. 2) which I use, run an Ozone generator in the car with recirc on.
  6. phone problem

    Mines the same. The Honda voice system is very poor and hardly ever works properly. Why don't you hook up your phone and use AA or CarPlay, since I've done that it always understands my commands.
  7. Where do you store your pistol?

    That explains it all :doh:
  8. moisture in taillights?

    And report them to Honda, we shouldn't have to beg the dealerships to honour a warranty. These cars are 1000s in financial commitment and warrantys should be honoured.
  9. Where do you store your pistol?

    The main reason we legalized weed is to forget the hockey.
  10. moisture in taillights?

    Thats BS. There shouldn't be ANY condensation in there, that's the whole point of seals. Should tell them you're going to contact Honda Corporate. By all means take it to a more helpful dealership. Do you have anything written to show what they said? I would fire off an email and copy them in...
  11. Where do you store your pistol?

    I understand. I'm not sure what you're reading my comment because never dictated how anyone should defend their family. But at no point in Canada do we want to dictate anything in the US, nor are we interested in doing so. We just agree that we don't want to go down the US path of guns. I lived...

    Could they be bringing back the Accord Type R? This definitely could be the car in the spy shots
  13. Any ideas what this could be before it gets to the shop Friday?

    I was going to say clean it up and see if it comes back. As long as its not a burning smell.
  14. Who else couldn't care less about "infotainment"?

    There's no reason there cant be both an infotainment and a fun car to drive. My civic is my first car with an infotainment screen and I think its great with the phone calls, texts etc. Especially how strict we are here in Canada with using a phone while driving.
  15. Help, how do I remove this.......

    Only if the trim is the hard 'rough type' of trim. The smooth black trim on some cars will get ruined with a Magic Eraser. With wax being water resistant a good dish soap that degreases is needed to break down the wax properties. But you are indeed correct, it will work on the rough textured...
  16. Where do you store your pistol?

    No, as I said, He (Trudeau) banned 'Assault Style Weapons' here in Canada. We don't need AR-15's
  17. Help, how do I remove this.......

    couple of things to try. 1) A regular pencil eraser 2) A Toothbrush with some APC or concentrated dish soap. If you don't have a spare toothbrush, use the wife's.
  18. Where do you store your pistol?

    I've read it. 'going by memory' explains it all.
  19. Visiting dealerships on memorial day to buy a 10th gen Si

    Thats not too far off new. I would personally would pay the small difference and have a new car with 0 miles and full warranty for 3 years.
  20. Where do you store your pistol?

    No, he banned 'Assault style weapons'. No one needs an AR-15 to hunt a deer. I would love to know where you get that info from. Canada has no where near the amount of murders per capita.