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  1. Post your vanity plates.

    You do in California; don't know about other states.
  2. Post your vanity plates.

    Japanese, of course.
  3. Really confused about my car's horsepower

    The 2020 Owners Manual in the US states: Models with 18 or 20 inch wheels Unleaded gasoline with a Pump Octane Number (PON) of 91 or higher is recommended. I believe this is the Sport and Touring models, including the Sport Touring.
  4. Civic X Torque Pro Theme

    Is the background more visible on the head unit? I can barely see it on my laptop.
  5. Rooted Stock headunit- What's your setup (apps)

    If I want to install an app I paid for do I need to install Google Play services? Or is there some way to download an APK for an app I paid for?
  6. Screen or No Screen

    I have the V2 and the screen just sits in the glovebox about 90% of the time.
  7. Just how strong is lane assist/etc correction supposed to be?

    I view these technologies as more of a gentle assist that can help when you're driving tired. They can help prevent an accident, but are in now way meant to drive the car without the user being in control.
  8. The Tuned Civic X Reliability Survey

    Vehicle: 2020 Civic Hatchback Sport Touring Total tuned time: 2 months Total tuned mileage: 1,000+ miles Tuning device(s) used: KTuner V2 Tunes used: TSP Stage 1 for non-Si Fuel used: ARCO/Shell 91 Octane Additional engine mods: None yet Problems/issues: None Driving style: Slightly...
  9. Upgrade stock exhaust?

    The KTuner and Hondata devices both come with basic tunes that bump up the HP a little by increasing the max turbo boost pressure. Two Step Performance sells a very popular tune that you can get for either device that does that and a little more. All three options are considered safe.
  10. 2019/2020 hatch owners - how’s your build quality?

    My 2020 hatch is better than the 2017 EX-T sedan it replaced in terms of fit.
  11. Sedan vs Hatchback Rear Windshield Size & Visibility

    I've had both, the sedan is definitely better in clear weather, but in rain or snow the hatch has a rear wiper to clear the window whereas the sedan does not. I have the hatch now and prefer it for other reasons; the lesser rear view wasn't enough to make me get a sedan again. You still have the...
  12. Some lady backed into me...

    I had somebody with a big truck back into my 2017 EX-T when it was 2 months got all fixed up, but it sure was annoying. Since then I've traded up to a 2020 Sport Touring Hatchback MT6 and I freak out every time I take it out.
  13. Do you wish you had gotten a higher trim?

    I just traded a 2017 EX-T with manual 6 for a 2020 Sport Touring hatch with MT6. The new car is everything I wanted feature-wise, but I still wish I had some of the Si hardware (LSD, suspension, more power). I'm adding a TSP Stage 1 tune in a bit so that will help. The reason I got this model...

    It's not included, but might be available as an option. It requires a built-in GPS receiver so I'm not sure how much it would be to install.
  15. 2020 Civic Hatchback Sport Touring w 6mt

    I picked up a Sport Touring Hatch 6MT last night. Loving it so far. The only thing I am ambivalent about is the dash color change from blue on my 2017 EX-T to red on this one.
  16. Sport Touring 6MT Hatch Price

    I actually have a list of what I want, and the Sport is missing one or two things, like LaneWatch camera and dual-zone climate. The Si and the Sport Touring Hatch both have everything I want, with a few extras I don't care about in the Sport Touring. I really want a hatchback so I just need to...
  17. FS: Hondata FlashPro Civic 2016+ Turbo 1.5 US (CARB)

    Perfect condition, unlocked, in original box. Only 2 months old. CARB compliant so it's fully street legal in all states. Selling because I'm getting a new car and don't know what kind it's going to be. This is the easiest way to get street legal extra HP. $495 list, selling for $250 delivered...
  18. Sport Touring 6MT Hatch Price

    I want the features on the upper end like CarPlay, auto-down windows, keyless walkaway locking, push start, auto climate, etc. All that plus the MT6 in a hatchback. The only option for me is the Sport Touring.
  19. Anyone try the new GUI one-click-root version of "Honda Hack?"

    Dude that picture is ridiculous. Take another with the flash off. With flash on the only thing you're illuminating is the surface of the screen.
  20. Rooted Stock headunit- What's your setup (apps)

    What version of APKPure is recommended? Will the latest work OK?