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  1. 2017 Civic Si Meth injection setup

    thinking about it thanks for the input. Its really far away but if I have to do something should I just go e85 and drive around with 10 containers of fuel lol. You guys that have it at the pump are lucky as shit.
  2. 2017 Civic Si Meth injection setup

    I completely hear you and appreciate you helping me out. I think that another 30whp will make a pretty significant difference. The car is craving fuel now. I know the pump could fail and that would be horrible, but I have heard if done correctly people running meth for years to come. It's just...
  3. 2017 Civic Si Meth injection setup

    I haven't gotten dynod yet but drob said I should already be making power in the 300whp range, do you think that's accurate? What kind of gains do you think I will be making with a size 3 and a good tune from drob ? I was assuming atleast 20/30 whp or somewhere around there. Putting me roughly...
  4. 2017 Civic Si Meth injection setup

    Thats kind of why im asking. Building the motor is way too much money and not realistic for me. Im trying to see if people think that my setup would be safe. It does after all reduce temps and clean the engine. I just worry that the power is too much for the stock internals. Though I mean I...
  5. 2017 Civic Si Meth injection setup

    Any other people have input ?
  6. What’s your most loved/hated thing about your Si?

    That its slow. If I knew what I know now I would have gotten a 93 hatch or RSX with a k24 in it and a decent turbo kit and be making close to twice the power. Atleast its newer and clean and comfortable.
  7. 2017 Civic Si Meth injection setup

    Anybody have anymore input about running meth in our cars. I was about to pull the trigger on e85 but honestly where I live it is really not realistic. Compared to boost juice that I can get delivered for free on the cheap.
  8. Misfire code p0301,p0304,p0300

    I had the same problem, it was the spark plugs

    So I am back to this thread. I did end up doing the upgraded turbo, tune by drob. Then the competition stage 2 clutch installed by honda including the kzcmc from eman and ss lines from prl. It is still not enough for me, so from what drob told me im reaching my knock limit of efficiency this...
  10. 2017 Civic Si Meth injection setup

    Do you guys think my setup would be safe and sustainable? I cant really get a straight answer as I know there really isnt a straight answer. But even a yes it most likely should as long as you dont go crazy would suffice. I just want a bit more info from people running this to help make my...
  11. What's your SI looking like today?

    Yes it's from caruse and it's sexy as fuck. Very happy with the purchase.
  12. New PRL Catted downpipe help..

    Im still messing with this thing and fighting rich/lean codes. Does anyone know of a defouler that works a bit better? I had this one...
  13. What's your SI looking like today?

    My love. I hope I figure this meth kit out and be making close to 400whp. Thats the dream, still scared of meth atm.
  14. 2017 Civic Si Meth injection setup

    I think there was some miscommunication. Nitrous express's chart showed a recommended size 8 lol. I messaged derek and he said that was fine. Now you guys are saying start at a size 3. Do we think a full bolt on rv6 upgraded turbo car probably pushing 310whp can handle the kit I mentioned with a...
  15. Coupe tail light condensation?

    I get it as well. I think it's just how crappy they are made. It goes away once it dries up, very annoying though.
  16. Car sputtering.

    It ended up being the spark plugs or so it seems because the car is running mint now. I replaced them with oem NGK's and gapped them to .26.
  17. Car sputtering.

    Yeah he did say that it was a starting point and to go from there. So Im assuming thats on the low end. Does anyone know the torque specs? The man spark plug set says up to 14 lb but im pretty sure the manual says 16 ft lbs.
  18. Car sputtering.

    Drob recommended starting at .25 on the gap. Im assuming thats going to be a bit on the tight end. I am full bolt ons with upgraded turbo in cole climate running high boost. I thought .26 would be a good starting point since I kind of wanted to set it and forget it. Any help much appreciated. I...
  19. Car sputtering.

    I always have really low knock and a good running car from shell 93, im hoping/guessing its the plugs by the way its acting. well see tomorrow fingers crossed