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  1. Katzkin Leather

    I'm at around 35k miles, and the leather still looks new. But I try to be semi careful with my car.
  2. Will installing Dynamat appreciably reduce road & tire noise?

    Dynamat with also using MegaZorbe makes a huge difference. I only did my doors and trunk and it helped a lot. I plan on doing my floor in the fall.
  3. Is this a good indication that the previous owner didn't beat on my car?

    I average 37.5mpg driving in a small/medium sized city. I only get 33mpg if I have a really short drive with a ton of stop signs or I am driving aggressively.
  4. Starting my sound deadening project

    It is a lot of work, but it's worth it. I've done everything in mine except for the floor and roof and it has made a big difference. Hopefully I can do the floor eventually.
  5. Best All Season Tires

    I have the michelin's and they are drastically better than the eagle sports in every way.
  6. Sound damping advice

    I used noico 80 and second skin mega zorbe, and It made quite a big difference but I haven't touched the floor yet. I did all the doors plus the trunk. I would avoid the headliner, there's too much risk ruining it.
  7. Oil level

    That doesn't really help, I know how dip sticks work. What I'm asking is how thick is the oil supposed to be to tell where it is on this stick? I have oil going up to the top mark but it's pretty thin.
  8. Oil level

    Is my oil low or not? I've never had an oil stick this terrible. The the oil pools near the bottom, but there is a little oil that goes all the way to the top. Sorry for the blurryness, it refused to focus on it.
  9. Camaro to Civic, had some questions

    I'm just jumping in to say I have had no oil dilution problems in my SI in Florida since I got it two years ago. I have no worries about reliability. My car has been fantastic other than a few rattles I've fixed. Though I do avoid automatics of any type when I can.
  10. Katzkin Leather

    Definitely worth the money.
  11. Katzkin Leather

    I've also started adding sound insulation. If you can I recommend getting leather on the armrests. It comes with vinyl there by default, which is still a big upgrade from the terrible cloth. But the leather feels nicer.
  12. Katzkin Leather

    I have not added vented seats, but the katzkin I had installed has been fantastic. Best upgrade to my civic so far.
  13. Underbody panel near rear driver tire

    I'll check tonight, but all I noticed the first time were what appeared to be water drain holes.
  14. Underbody panel near rear driver tire

    Is this panel supposed to hang so loosely? The passenger side's doesn't hang nearly this loose. I hit something today, and wanted to make sure it didn't damage this.
  15. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Third chip in a year! Never had a car get chips before this one. And this after getting a new windshield and tint two weeks ago. This is post fix btw...
  16. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    It makes the car feel much more premium, I hated the terrible cloth in these cars. Though I would say that not all of it is leather, some side pieces are vinyl, you may prefer to ask how much 100% leather would be. But even my vinyl areas are a huge upgrade from the cloth.
  17. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    They are full seat material replacements. I had a auto trim shop do mine for 1500. You should be able to find dealers on Katzkin's site. Definitely worth it, the leather upgrade has been my favorite upgrade on my car by far.
  18. What's your SI looking like today?

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  19. What's your SI looking like today?

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  20. Is this gap normal?

    That could be it. Thanks, I'll just live with the creaking then.