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  1. Downpipes

    Curious but what sort of state inspection are you referring to? Regarding vehicle smog tests, I heard even catted aftermarket downpipes may not pass, so I just went cat-less PRL. Got Ktuner and disabled the sensor. When it comes time to smog my car I'll just revert the DP to stock.
  2. Vs WRX (very happy with mods)

    I've been told the stock clutch can't handle map 3. I drive casually in map 1 and only map 2 for racing. btw map 3 is a little confusing to me: Map 2: 19psi normal, 21psi "Sport" mode, Improved Turbocharger Response II Map 3: 19psi normal, custom boost level "Sport" mode, Improved Turbocharger...
  3. Vs WRX (very happy with mods)

    I wanted to share my experience with mods so far: PRL DP/FP/intercooler and Stage 1 TSP tune (map 2). The other day I did a pull on a WRX from a roll. I launched slightly before he did and was able to maintain a 1 to 2 car gap ahead of him. It was only one attempt. I didn't think I would be...
  4. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Looks nice. How did you go about removing the faux front side grills?
  5. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    How well does the foam wash work compared to typical wash? And do you need a pressure washer?
  6. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    thanks! this was something I was considering for a while, couldn't help it. *rolls dice*.
  7. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Glamour shot today of my Si, Nancy, and my wife's (MiladyMalady's) Type R, Vader. Her car was in the shop for a week after a fender bender repair from stop and go traffic.
  8. Ouch this hurt!

    Sorry this happened : ( but glad your wife is OK.
  9. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    I decided to remove the front grill. Last look of the stock grill First pass was a rough cut with a razor. Was left with small pieces to take care of. I used a dremel to clean it up. I then used my stencil for the PRL lettering And thanks to my wife for recommending red...
  10. A good break-in experience after my tune

    I'll stay with stage 1 and try to take it easy as this is my daily driver. For my A to B driving scenarios I'll just keep the car in map 1.
  11. A good break-in experience after my tune

    this is tempting but is there high risk of breaking the engine once you go to stage 2 with typical bolt-on mods?
  12. Toyota drivers suck!

    So I recently had the liberty of driving a Nissan Sentra for a few days while my car was in the shop. It was a rental, looked new-ish. You want to know why drivers of these cars and similar Toyota cars are slow af? Well let me tell you since I suffered from first hand experience. :lol: When...
  13. A good break-in experience after my tune

    So today I just picked my car up from the shop. I had PRL bolt-ons added and a TSP stage 1 tune using map 2. Coming home there is a STI in front of me. I pulled up behind him, not with intention to race at first, but because I saw him launch and I was curious how quickly I could close the gap...
  14. One piece strut bar/strut tower brace recommendations

    Thanks, how's the hood clearance with these?
  15. One piece strut bar/strut tower brace recommendations

    I'm looking for an easy to add/remove single piece strut bar. But most importantly, it needs to be something of quality (must be functional). Any suggestions? This 27won brace is sexy but not released yet : (
  16. Teaching to drive stick

    The way I learned stick was, long ago there was a Porsche Boxster I wanted in downtown LA. I practiced for about 5 minutes with my sisters car the night before (all I was allowed), then drove 60 miles the next day to pick it up. Drove stop and go quite a bit as you can imagine LA traffic would...
  17. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    I dropped my car off at a shop this morning. Installing PRL intercooler, PRL frontpipe, PRL catless downpipe, and TSP Stage 1 tune. Excited to pick this car back up next week.
  18. Red Emblems for Coupe

    I have a 2018 Si Coupe. I got my emblems from EdgeAutosport 75700-TGH-A01 I got 2 of those, it's the same size front/back, unlike the sedan. And it came with pins + 3m tape. I had to remove existing pins. The front was easy. The back was not as easy but I got it done. The back had some metal...
  19. KTuner w/ Stock Parts

    Hi, I received my KTuner v2 and TSP Stage 1 tune. In a couple weeks I have an appointment to install a new frontpipe/downpipe and intercooler (PRL). My understanding is the tune and these parts will compliment each other. Would there be any harm if I tune the vehicle now, and have the parts...