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  1. Sunroof Drain Clogged

    I'm not sure there is a drain. There's not supposed to be any water getting into it at all when it's closed. Where is the drain you are mentioning, maybe I'm wrong.
  2. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Changed my front Emblem.
  3. The Sopranos - Who are your 3 most hated characters?

    Geez, can't even go to the library to check these out again, it's closed till June. Ugh. And I've been eating a month now for another DVD I ordered so i think I'll pass on that, lol. Dam this Corona virus!
  4. Converting A/C system to R134

    This guy was last seen here in Sept of 2018 it says. Maybe he blew himself up fooling with his ac.
  5. phone problem

    I never use it as it never worked right on either of my civics. It's way easier to use Android Auto for calling or sending texts.
  6. Help, how do I remove this.......

    Ok, some dishwashing liquid and a little brush got most of it off. I couldn't believe it after scrubbing it with microfiber cloths and stuff that was supposed to take it off not working, a little dishsoap took most of it off.
  7. moisture in taillights?

    I had this happen on both my 17 and 18, mostly after I washed it,it would dry up in the sun after a while but was kinda annoying when it happens .
  8. Came out to this crap.....

    They put a new one on. Whatever hit me, it tore some of the plastidip so it would of started peeling off eventually.
  9. The Sopranos - Who are your 3 most hated characters?

    Caitlin was that crazy bitch who kept pulling her hair out, right?
  10. My new Supra

    Here's a pair of Rx7 s I just did, they aren't completely done yet here though.
  11. My new Supra

    Thanks! No mods, with me and models, the more I touch them,the more goes wrong, lol
  12. My new Supra

    I never even heard of a skyline till I just started building models a few months ago. Now i hear or rather see a lot of models for them.
  13. My new Supra

    I'm not sure, I can't get my big 280 lb ass in it :(
  14. My new Supra

  15. Help, how do I remove this.......

    If she didn't have false teeth ,I would use her toothbrush,lol
  16. Help, how do I remove this.......

    I didn't,it's just the typical wax on the plastic trim, only she got a LOT on it.
  17. Fabric Protector

    I second and third the Scotchgard. Can was like 5 or 6 dollars at Walmart. Has definitely kept some stuff from staining the seats.
  18. Help, how do I remove this.......

    I made a mistake, I let my wife help wax the car and despite me telling her to absolutely not get any wax on the black plastic trim, well...... Here we are. How do I get it off? I've scrubbed it, chemical guys has some stuff specifically for this, but it doesn't work. It really looks horrible...
  19. The Sopranos - Who are your 3 most hated characters?

    Been a long time, but from what I remember, there really wasn't a lot of story about her, like she could of been left out and it wouldn't make a difference, maybe in just forgetting, but that wouldn't say much for her either lol Only thing I do remember is that Tony hated her one multi racial...
  20. The Sopranos - Who are your 3 most hated characters?

    Haha! But at least Meadow was hot. :p