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  1. What’s maintenance that people should do to their civic once in a while

    Yearly I’d recommend you grease up your slider pins and brakepad brackets.
  2. Any harm changing MTF early?

    Why’d you get ac delco over Amsoil?
  3. best way to lift the car for forward cross pattern rotation?

    Hmm most of the people above are making it more complicated than it should be. 3 Things you’ll need: Hydraulic Jack that can lift pretty high, 2 jack stands. 1) Bring hydraulic jack to rear of vehicle in the center there is a jack point lift there. 2) Lift decently high then both your rear...
  4. 2016 Civic EX-T Won't Turn/Stay Off

    Try to open then close your hood and trunk and every one of your doors. Only reason car alarm would ever go off is because one of those are pryed open. Unless you got a aftermarket alarm installed I’d check the connection on that.
  5. which engine oil do you guys using?

    Yeah I don’t really care about the brand of oil, as long as it’s synthetic and on sale! Speaking of sales at Costco they’re selling Kirkland 10 quart 0w-20 synthetic oil for only 20$ in store right now, it’s a steal!
  6. How much for CVT fluid change? Also, better to DIY?

    You don’t have to take the air intake out. You only have to do that for the non turbo engines. Also you can just fill through the check level bolt.. and dang think you’re getting ripped off Honda fluid price... Only 8$ here.
  7. Beware of Scammer

    What payment method would you recommend? Not sure if any other payment method.
  8. FS: like new center console

    Sand the area abit, put some superglue on it then cover it with baking soda. Then put some superglue ontop of that baking soda rinse repeat. Sand if needed afterwards. It becomes rock hard!
  9. Feels different of turbo boost, is it just my feeling? Help :(

    Well, first of all, you're still in your break-in period not sure why you pushing the car hard... read the owner's manual to know more about it. You can always put in 93 octane gas and try it out. Also check your oil level, if it's just abit over the max it'll feel very slow keep it in the...
  10. Hole in rear bumper under tail light?

    Huh I guess ours do have a hole! But the difference between your hole and a normal hole is that 1) not jagged like yours 2) does not go past the headlights it’s more inward. I took a picture of mine
  11. To plugg the key hole?

    I'd keep the keyhole. Who knows maybe your car battery may die or remote battery. Now you got a problem, can’t open door to unlock hood latch to charge or swap the battery.
  12. How much for CVT fluid change? Also, better to DIY?

    Hey guys I looked into how to diy transmission flushing our cars since I’m changing to amsoil. Problem is I don’t exactly know how it’s done. On typical cars they are usually done on the transmission cooler lines but ours has none as we have a cvt warmer (Hoses filled with coolant). So not sure...
  13. How do you take apart battery sensor?

    Just pour boiling water on it, that’s how I usually clean it
  14. PIDs for Torque/Torque Pro?

    Anyone know PID for transmission temperature?
  15. '16 Civic A/C Compressor Issue, not Condenser

    The new refrigerant is expensiveeee! I’d say just replace the compressor, buy the part and do it yourself or buy the part and tell a local mechanic to install it for you.
  16. [Question] Lowest voltage to start up? [Dashcam hardwire related]

    I'd recommend you just buy an external dashcam battery pack and not rely on your battery. Everytime your battery gets below 12v it's getting damaged.
  17. A new - better Direct TPMS system

    I just these from your ebay link scopeyes, weird thing is there was no SPURTAR logo. But it does seem to be lcd. However i have noticed a problem with mine, they always report 3 psi higher than what the tires actually are anyone have a problem with this? I made sure to check using my gauge and...
  18. The perfect silicone wiper blades

    consensus as of now is not sure if 8mm fits but 6mm will for sure.