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  1. AC always on

    Thanks! Searching for that brought up this older thread which I did not find before posting. Sounds like a great idea, but in my experience it seems like the AC is hogging power when left on continuously. My gas mileage used to be 38-39 for my typical commute (averaged over several months), but...
  2. AC always on

    Has anyone noticed that the AC on the Civic is always on when the climate control is on auto, regardless of the ambient temperature? Over the past few months I've noticed that regardless of whether it's 30 or 90 degrees outside, and regardless of the temperature setting, the AC compressor seems...
  3. Infotainment software update?

    If anyone purchased the USB drive, any chance you could image it and share it? I'd be willing to paypal a few bucks for it.
  4. CVT leak?

    Correct, I did all the fluid changes myself and the only other service the car has had was at the dealership.
  5. CVT leak?

    Regular oil changes and a CVT oil change at 30k miles. I did this by draining and then filling from the overflow bolt, because at the time I couldn't locate the fill cap. In retrospect it's possible the cap was missing back then, though I can't say for sure.
  6. CVT leak?

    They told me that if they find a problem that is covered by Hondacare, then Hondacare will absorb the diagnostic fee of $69. Apparently there is a list of items which are excluded from Hondacare.
  7. CVT leak?

    Discovered the issue: after peering under the hood and comparing with our other Civic, I noticed that the CVT fill cap is missing! I previously had no idea where it was even located. Other than changing oil myself, it was only serviced at the dealer for the piston ring recall. It looks like...
  8. CVT leak?

    I just went to change my oil, and when taking off the protective cover under the engine, I noticed a film of oil coating the bottom of the CVT pan. This is new since the last time I changed my oil about 5k miles ago. There is no dripping, and the area around drain plug is clean and dry...
  9. Modify condenser intake?

    It looks like they got rid of the honeycomb grill in the 2018 Accord :(. I would be scared to drive it like this.
  10. Had to use the actual key

    I had this exact same problem yesterday. I'm accustomed to leaving my keys in the car and just carrying the plastic remote with me. Went to walmart for groceries, walked up to the car and opened the trunk using the handle, put my groceries in, closed it, then walked up to the driver's door and...
  11. How many Miles on your CVT?

    55k on mine. Changed fluid at 30k.
  12. Is Honda Care worth buying?

    Google Hyannis or Saccuci and get quotes from them. I believe they're reputed to be the cheapest around.
  13. Is Honda Care worth buying?

    My mistake. Perhaps I should have said that the tech is new to me. I trust Hondas with their tried-and-true powertrains and have never purchased a warranty in the past, but I don't quite trust the reliability of this technology yet.
  14. Is Honda Care worth buying?

    I went for the 6yr 120k plan with $0 deductible. Cost me $870 through Hyannis. Decided to go for it mainly because of the touchscreen and the Sensing package. I figured since those are both brand new, there's a decent chance the warranty may pay for itself.
  15. Modify condenser intake?

    Just saw this post. I am definitely doing this as soon as possible. 30k miles and it's sheer luck that a stone hasn't damaged my condenser yet.
  16. Husky Liners?

    Mine are warping up just a bit on the sides (front driver and passenger), but not enough to be annoying. The lifetime warranty is reassuring...I figure if it gets worse in the future, they'll probably just send me a new set.
  17. Manual transmission rare?

    I've driven several Hondas into the ground, and this car is my first non-manual. Manuals are definitely a lot more fun to drive, but my main reason for driving them was for better reliability and fuel efficiency. The tables have now turned on fuel efficiency, and although it's still a bit early...
  18. How do you listen to music?

    I've had a lot of problems like this using cheap USB cables. Problem solved going to my original Samsung cable. Have you noticed a big difference in sound quality going from audio streaming in Android Auto to bluetooth? I'm betting your sound quality gets decimated going through bluetooth...
  19. LED VS HID

    Just checked and the bulbs are still solidly in place after driving through snow and several rainstorms. As for the little gray boxes, they seem to be sealed and solid, so I just let them hang down. At some point I will zip-tie them to something sturdy just for peace of mind.
  20. LED VS HID

    I don't doubt that the lumen count is exaggerated, and they may suck compared to the top-of-the-line bulbs out there. All I can say is that subjectively from the outside and from the driver's seat, they are definitely brighter than the stock halogens. If they last a couple years this way, I'll...