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    I see a whole lot of Acura in those pictures....I have a 19' FK8 and a 19' Accord Sport 2.0 to compare it to......I vote Acura.
  2. Can't believe it's been a year already!

    It absolutely does.....I just sold a car I had for 27 years a few months back
  3. Can't believe it's been a year already!

    I bought my FK8 on May 11th 2019. Hard to believe I've had it that long already. I still love it everytime I drive it. Absolutely one of the best and well rounded cars I've ever had or driven. With a few well chosen modifications to suit my needs I think that I will have many more anniversaries...
  4. 2020+ front license plate relocation options?

    I agree with this, very clean IMHO. Two bolts and the tag is off! The price is definitely higher than when I bought mine a year ago too. But I'm totally happy with this.
  5. 2019 CTR's at Invoice?

    I think that I bought the wrong car if I cared about what other people think, good or bad!:lol: The whole point of my post was it was able to make some diehard muscle car guys big fans of a Japanese performance car. A good thing. I myself like any performance vehicle.
  6. Speed measurement but Uniden R3 detector silent.

    I have had nothing but good luck with mine. Like everything else it seems you have to adjust it to your needs.
  7. Speed measurement but Uniden R3 detector silent.

    Read the reply above..:thumbsup:
  8. Speed measurement but Uniden R3 detector silent.

    I have a Uniden R7 and it detects those signs. If I remember off the top of my head it is an MRCD alarm.
  9. 2020+ front license plate relocation options? I have this and it's awesome. I actually modified it to raise it up even further to give the intercooler maximum airflow. Easy to remove in a minute for when I don't want a plate on, best of all no holes in...
  10. What Shift Knob are you currently using?

    I have an Acuity full shifter upgrade and adjusted the height to my preference. Not sure about the height on a factory shifter. I love the heavy shift knob, makes the shifts effortless.:headbang:
  11. Perrin "what to expect" motor mount inserts

    I can say with 100% certainty that the Perrin inserts only have maybe 10-15% of the cabin vibration/resonance that my full replacement mount had. After having the inserts installed for quite some time now I honestly rarely even notice they are there at all. 150% happy with them.:beer:
  12. 2019 CTR's at Invoice?

    54 here and I have and still own a number of performance cars. I own and operate a Mustang specific performance shop, since 1993 to be exact and I absolutely love my 19' Type R. Funny thing is how many of my muscle car loving friends and customer's end up loving the CTR!:thumbsup:
  13. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Luckily I was able to get the finish I was looking for, (Pressed Graphite) in stock at System Motorsports with the +45 offset. :thumbsup:It had the concave spoke angle facing that I had to have! 100% would do it over again, I absolutely love them. Although I do like CE28's and ZE40's...
  14. What did you do to your Type R today?

    I totally agree, caps are NOT CHEAP but I'm 100% happy I got them! On my TE37SL's you also have to buy the center cap stuff!!
  15. Favorite Brake Pads......GO!

    You can get a cheap "cube" at any local auto parts store. Another option.....used with a 3/8" ratchet and extension. I keep one at home for emergencies!!:headbang:
  16. What's your dashcam?

    I have the Roav Dashcam S-1 in my FK8 and my wife's Accord Sport. Cheap price wise and it works outstanding! I used another spare mount and installed it into my 09' SI and just swap it into that car when I use it. Looks like it is on sale now at Amazon too!:headbang:
  17. Favorite Brake Pads......GO!

    If you want to do the rear pads now you can use a set of needle nose pliers to windback the caliper pistons. :thumbsup:
  18. Acuity Short Shifter install tips and initial review

    The shifting action will improve after allowing for some break-in time. Then the force required for the 4-5 shift will be much less. Also a helpful hint is making an adjustment to lengthen the shift arm some to give you more leverage, at least while it is breaking in!:thumbsup: