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  1. 2020 Civic Type R Reviews Compilation

    So reading this batch of new reviews, the question you're left with is: Can you pull a fuse to kill the active sound augmentation? It's clear most reviewers hated it. Everything else looks like a win, although it's Interesting that the reviewers often differed on which of the changes they...
  2. Official 2020 Type R Picture Thread

    Apparently no BSM, RCTA, or parking sensors on the 2020. Sales guy thought they were on it but then couldn’t find them. Too bad, Europe gets them.
  3. MotorTrend Verdict After Year with 2018 Honda Civic Type R

    Now that is dedication! Thanks for responding. I did check the local Turo for the GTA (Toronto area) a few weeks ago. Despite a population of over 8 million there isn’t one CTR available (same for the Miata). Turo cars here are largely mainstream/premium, not enthusiast. Going to the US right...
  4. Another Year of CTR (TCR) Domination as Touring Car

    They dominated the back marker list.
  5. Should I buy, or should I pass?

    Unlikely. The current stock valuation for Tesla makes it worth more than the stock values of GM and Ford combined. That is is a LOT of capital to draw on.
  6. GTA - Looking to test drive a CTR

    Thanks a lot for the offer, I’ll keep that in mind. Not looking to thrash the car, but to get a sense of whether it drives “smaller” than it is dimensionally. (I currently have a similar-sized 2020 Corolla rental for a few days, and while the ride is nice it drives too “big” for me by some...
  7. 2017 Civic Type R Reviews Compilation

    ^ Don't waste your time. Not a review at all, just a rewritten press release, car not driven.
  8. I tried to test drive a CTR... no dice

    Wow that is high praise given that the GT4 is considered one of the greats, thanks for sharing your experience. Does the CTR offer enough rear adjustability (in the form of lift-off oversteer) that you can make use of it on public roads to safely bring the rear out a bit? That would partially...
  9. GTA - Looking to test drive a CTR

    Does anyone know of a dealership that will allow test drives from serious prospects in the GTA or Mississauga/Oakville? New or used. I have test driven a current SI but hear that the R is a different experience.
  10. MotorTrend Verdict After Year with 2018 Honda Civic Type R

    I've test driven the 86, BRZ, and ND1 (both RF and ST) and found the Miatas a bit more fun. Both felt a bit sluggish WOT on the highway, but I hear the power boost in the new ND2 motor really helps with that, opens up the top end wonderfully. The twins handle very well but I'm not a fan of that...
  11. MotorTrend Verdict After Year with 2018 Honda Civic Type R

    Oh I can test drive RFs out the wazoo, it's the R that's the problem. You are very lucky if a Toronto area Honda dealer will let you test drive even an Si ffs. One car only for me, don't need to commute though so the RF would work, if less conveniently when it comes to shopping.
  12. MotorTrend Verdict After Year with 2018 Honda Civic Type R

    Nice, thanks for posting. And the 2020 will likely be even better. Going back and forth, Type R and Miata RF lol. Hard call to make when you can't test drive one of them.
  13. 2017 Civic Type R Reviews Compilation

    EVO had a mega hot hatch comparison with 14 contenders in a recent print issue and the CTR maintained its supremacy. Not on its web site yet.
  14. When to expect information on 2020 Type R?

    Beg to differ on that....I think they nicely break up the overly large flat black panels of the current model, making them less of an eyesore.
  15. FACE LIFT TYPE R SPOTTED? Check out the pic. What do you think?

    In case someone missed it: that CTR has the same new winglets/airfoils in the phony rear vents that have been added to the newly revealed 2020 Civic hatchback facelift, which leads me to think it's almost certainly a model coming for 2020: :
  16. 2019 Veloster N

    One thing in its favour - it's a more compact car than the CTR, being over a foot shorter and nearly two inches lower and narrower. The last gen was light too at under 3000 pounds. The head to heads in the British auto press have been very favourable about the i30 N (which shares the same...
  17. 2019 Veloster N

    No doubt some would argue that it looks relatively subdued next to the CTR.... have to see it in person.
  18. 2017 Civic Type R Reviews Compilation

    FTFY. Evo COTY was the McLaren 720S.
  19. My Type R Christmas Eve-Eve Test Drive (Long read)

    S2K, if you can stretch your timeline a bit, the upcoming sportscar from Toyota (which may or may not be called a Supra) may be of interest as it will likely meet many of your requirements. A Toyota insider on the Supra MkV forum claims to have seen final specs of the initial version - under...
  20. Is the Honda Civic Type R the Greatest Hot Hatch? | Three Lap Review by Road & Track at NCM

    What a mediocre "effort" they made here. Not one comment about the handling, the road feel, the braking - just endless moaning about the powerband changes relative to the ITR.