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  1. Hooking up a hidden toggle switch to disable push to start button... and still be able to remote start.

    Ah, okay so I think I understand what you mean now. So with relay attacking, they trick your car into thinking the fob is in their hand. At this point, unless you completely disable remote can’t do a lot to stop this. The only thing you can really do is keep your fob in like a metal...
  2. Hooking up a hidden toggle switch to disable push to start button... and still be able to remote start.

    When these cars are started remotely, if someone tries to move the shifter without the key in the car, it already does turn the engine least my 2017 hatch does. If not, you can easily splice a switch in series with the input wire or even the output wire. There’s no difference except...
  3. IJDMTOY Bumper Reflector LEDs

    This CAN be done without removing bumper. Would I recommend? No, not if you don’t want to have a pretty good chance of ruining the clips or even worse...cracking the plastic. The middle trim piece overlaps the fake vent piece, and is held in tightly with a Phillips head screw from the backside...
  4. Painted/Blacked out Headlights

    For being a brand new company, the owner probably outsourced cheap parts (not saying it’s a bad thing, because everyone starts on the bottom.) LED’s have a driver, that both control and filter the voltage/current to the LED as to not damage it. My first guess would be that the driver circuit is...
  5. LX Electrical Issues

    Honda systems are getting more touchy with aftermarket parts like higher end vehicles. They want you to use OEM so they make errors occur when they don’t see same parameters. My guess is that the new head unit is drawing a different voltage/current so the system thinks something is wrong. Every...
  6. Sputtering and Farting after Downpipe Install

    I found it. This was with Megan Racing Catless Dp/Fp, with BLOX exhaust after install with KTuner base dual factory/21psi
  7. Sputtering and Farting after Downpipe Install

    @rileyj98 is correct. I had a catless dp, fp, and 3” exhaust. Sounded almost exactly like this on cold starts at first install. You’re running super rich with any base map...which are better than nothing, but when pushed hard it can cause failures. I’d just take it easy and say you don’t have...
  8. Engine Displacement - Cylinder Boring for New Pistons

    Stock bore is 2.87”, displacement at 1497cc. The displacement at 2.894” would be about 1517cc
  9. Rough idle 2016 Touring

    I had some issues with rough idling and weird rpm fluctuations when driving, I ran a can of throttle body cleaner through it and also got some MAF sensor cleaner and cleaned that. I could tell the major difference after doing this. I ran a Ktuner base map for like 2 years straight going between...
  10. Civic X 2017 Hatch Stalls!!! Help pls

    Looks pretty dirty, I’ve had my car for 50,000 miles (~80,000km) and my engine bay has never looked like that and I’ve never cleaned it. Something may be blocked up pretty good if you hose is collapsing.
  11. Civic X 2017 Hatch Stalls!!! Help pls

    @GrimFandango just wondering because the line it looks like you drew is the same one used for an oil catch can. I’m guessing by your answer that’s a no haha. I didn’t see one but I had to ask!
  12. Civic X 2017 Hatch Stalls!!! Help pls

    Do you have a catch can installed?
  13. Husband drove Honda Civic through water

    I went through water in my 2017 ex almost to the top of the wheels (stock height) and I just gassed it, never stop, never let it idle just keep pushing lol. Luckily I didn’t have an issue. In my case, there was literally no way to turn around. Barrier in the middle of the highway and about 50...
  14. Ceramic Coating Fail?

    Almost sounds like they didn’t clay bar the first time and just ceramic coated over high spots in the paint possibly and afterwards was not able to remove them (obviously) with another coat of ceramic :dunno::what:
  15. What does everyone think of the upcoming Mazda3 2.5Turbo?

    I hope y’all understand ya can’t just look at HP #’s alone. I’ve had MANY cars try to line up next to my Civic (while stock at ~175 hp). Also have to add, it’s a f*cking CVT. A couple examples: A v6 Chrysler 200 stock, ~290 hp, beat them from 0-80 mph by a long shot. A focus ST stock, ~250 hp. I...
  16. MHI-TD03 Turbo

    Just kinda curious here, but how’s the TPS over 100%?
  17. Head Unit Very Slow When Cold-start.

    I live in PA with a 2017 hatch. We have fairly cold winters and hot summers, I haven’t noticed anything when it’s warmer than say 40-50 degrees outside but anything below that and my head unit takes a good 20-30 seconds to load everything up
  18. Help! Stuck on accessory mode. Battery dead. Recent amplifier installations.

    The amp could be backfeeding voltage. Remove the wires from your system that you hooked up to the ACC wire and see if there’s voltage there.
  19. Help! Stuck on accessory mode. Battery dead. Recent amplifier installations.

    Does it beep a bunch when you turn engine off?