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  1. Battery Questions

    If you search for "exhaust system problem" you will get a few threads. It's a code that comes up sometimes, from what I've read it's a software bug and nothing is wrong most of the time. They supposedly have an update to cure it, I just haven't had time to get to the stealership.
  2. To those that sold their Si

    I would imagine people who sold thier SI are no longer frequenting this forum to answer your question. I think you would get the best price if you sell it as a private seller. It will take time, effort and a little luck. But that's your best bet if you're not in a hurry. List it at nearly top...
  3. My New Civic Si Doesn't Feel As Great Anymore :(

    I would too! Living in Dallas TX its a mall crawler 99% of the time.
  4. Battery Questions

    In my opinion disconnecting the battery would not cause that type of drop in MPG. The PCM has "adaptives" which effect that but I really don't think it could make that much difference. I've reset a trouble code for the "exhaust sytem problem" a few times by disconnecting the battery with no...
  5. My New Civic Si Doesn't Feel As Great Anymore :(

    Thanks, I love the JL. The main reason I bought the SI was to keep miles off of it and of course for the MPG. I need to look into autocross and see what that's all about.
  6. Emissions System Problem on a ‘19

    No I didnt' lose any settings in the radio. I left it disconnected for about a minute and pressed the brake pedal which runs any residual voltage to ground through the brake light curcuit. When you first reconnect the battery dont be alarmed by the lights on the dash. It will say "system...
  7. My New Civic Si Doesn't Feel As Great Anymore :(

    Here's my solution to keeping that spark. I'll drive the SI for a while, then switch it up to the jeep. When I get back in the honda it feels like a rocket ship!
  8. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    This morning my new Bayson Lip took a 70mph suicidal cat strike. Lost the lip but I'm sure it saved damage to the bumper. Will be reordering!
  9. Clicking sound under the hood

    Check for a nail or stone in your tread causing the sound when it slaps the pavement. Just thought, easy to check. With my Rubicon I can hear it when I pick up a stone.
  10. What did you do to your Civic today? (II) Yeah, it's something fun to put on those dang blanks. I hate those.
  11. Squealing noise from front driver wheel

    My SI gets a pebble in between the rotor and dust shield often. It causes a condition similar to what you are describing. I park it, turn the wheel fully to gain access to the shield, then work it and bang on it to get the rock to drop out. Sometimes they will work themselves out soon after...
  12. Which front lip

    Same. Super easy install, just want to make sure it's centered before screws.
  13. Emissions System Problem on a ‘19

    I always fill to full when getting gas and usually get the code when I'm down to about a quarter tank. I've started carrying around a 10mm to reset it next time. lol
  14. Can’t decide between an Si or Type R

    I was in a very similar boat except I didn't trade in my gas guzzler. My other vehicle is a 18 JL JEEP Rubicon. With 35s it gets about 14 mpg and is a beating driving in Dallas highway traffic. Plus I travel a lot with work (like to other states) which I prefer to drive. So long story short, I'm...
  15. Emissions System Problem on a ‘19

    I'm a '19 SI Coupe chiming in. I have gotten this message on the dash a few times. It's always at start up when I have less than a half of a tank of gas. No driving charactristic changes or indications other than the message/CEL. I've just reset via battery disconnect every time. Haven't had...
  16. New Si owner

    Crazy how that works. Huggins took off the price of my add-ons. Welcome to the SI club though!
  17. New Si owner

    You buy at Huggins?
  18. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    okay... The jack lifts the car in order to remove tire The socket and breaker bar are used to losen the lug nuts The air compressor is used to inflate flat tires They are all tools to help you if you get a flat tire. You should utube "changing a tire".
  19. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Well you could also use them to remove the damaged tire and bring the tire to the tire shop instead of getting a tow truck or road side repair. Pull over- call buddy- jack up- remove tire-buddy arrives- takes you and tire to shop- return to car- install- drive off.
  20. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Cool! I'm happy to share. It took like 10 mins. If you can see the razor knife in the pic I would recommend it. You can extend the blade to do long cuts. Now I just throw my full size spare in the trunk for long trips.