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  1. Anyone in the middle Ga area

    Thats cool, I'm in Byron.
  2. Valve cover

    VHT wrinkle red, ordered it from Amazon since none of our local parts store had it. Its been great so far, no chipping or flaking.
  3. Valve cover

    Can go wrong with the wrinkle red.
  4. Type R fenders on SI

    Yes it is from Ikon motor Yeap, the wheels are 18x9.5 with the factory size tires on them, tire place said that is the max that tire could be stretched before I needed to go up a size.
  5. Type R fenders on SI

    I'm not good with paint and body work, so I called my local Honda dealer and asked who they sent their warranty work to. I took my car and the all the pieces. They got the paint color code, painted everything, and installed it. I think my car was down for two weeks.
  6. RV6 Performance Drop-In Turbo upgrade news!

    Do we have an update on this turbo? How much $ will in run and what hp & tq are we looking at?
  7. Anyone in the middle Ga area

    I'm just on the south side of Macon.
  8. Type R fenders on SI

    IKON motors sales a complete type R kit for the Si sedan. I have most of it on my sedan except the wing, which I will not get and the fenders that I may get in the future.
  9. 27WON Civic Turbo Upgrade now available!!!!!!!

    Just curious. Does anyone have any dyno #s having the W1 turbo with full bolt on's, running on 93 oct? I dont have E85 in my area and when I got my car tuned, I was already running 245ish to the wheels. looking at the graphs that I could find, the W1 turbo will take it to 260ish, but it doesnt...
  10. 27WON - Testing the OE Turbo Inlet Pipe

    Will there be any color options when this comes out? If its not to pricey, I will be buying other things also.
  11. Battery relocate

    Good point. It is definitely not going to be a race car, atleast not any time soon. The other 2 cars that I did were weekend race and occasionally street.
  12. Battery relocate

    Has anyone already or thinking of relocating their battery to the trunk? I've done it in a few other cars I've owned in the past but being this is my first Honda, I'm not sure if it will mess something up electronically or not.
  13. Hello!!!

    Welcome to the forum. Ive been using Discount tire for my entire fleet of vehicles since 2011 when I was doing some sort of racing every weekend, whether it was auto x, drag, or road course, gong through a set of BFG KDWs about every eight months. Ive spent a tens of thousands of dollars with...
  14. MAPerformance Wants Your Help!

    Hey MAP, just checking on you guys, haven't heard much from y'all in a while or seen anything about the Civic X Si.
  15. Si vs Type R

    I would have gotten a Type R when I bought the Si, except they dont make the Type R in a sedan, and need 4 doors for the family, I really dont like a hatch, it reminds me of grandparents old station wagon, just a squished version of one.
  16. 16-17 Honda Civic 10th-Gen Type-R Conversion Front Bumper PP

    I bought mine from Amazon, it was two purchases, the first came with the front and rear bumpers and all the accessories to go with them, the second purchase was the side skirts which also came with the hardware to mount them.
  17. 16-17 Honda Civic 10th-Gen Type-R Conversion Front Bumper PP

    Wow, sorry to hear about your accident, I hope everyone is ok. I did not install it myself, I'm not a very good body work person lol. I contacted my local Honda dealer to find out who they sent their cars to for paint and body work so that the color would be matched up pretty close. The body...
  18. Dragon 2020?

    Im looking forward to this one, looking for a place for the family to stay now.
  19. Dragon 2020?

    I missed out on last years Dragon run, due to my wife and I having a baby. Does anyone know if we will be doing a Dragon run for 2020?
  20. MAPerformance Wants Your Help!

    Curious, how are we coming along on the MAP bigger turbo kits for the Si's.